Monday, 1 December 2008

A New Body for A New World - 12) A Little One-on-One

I could hear the waves rolling onto the beach when I opened the door from Colin’s cabana to the veranda.
The champagne bottle is cold and covered with condensation, poking out of the ice bucket next to the chocolates and fruit. His cabana was smaller than my suite, but still sumptuous and from his bed I could see palm trees, blue sky and the blue Med. Just the two of us and self-indulgence.
“We’ll have to be quick,” he said “my girlfriend could be back at any moment!” My slap across his buttocks was deserved and delicious. He turned and could see me standing there in all my beautiful naked glory, my dress crumpled on the floor. And there it was, that cheeky grin on his face.
He led me to the shower, squirted Aveda over my tits, grabbed my wrists, backed me up against the wall with my arms held above my head and kissed me, hard.
The water felt fantastic on my body and he pressed against me, my breasts sliding against his slippery chest. I wanted to run my hands over his body but he had me pinned. His mouth on mine, our tongues entwined, my breasts against him as I relinquished control were more than enough and his big, thick penis was rock-hard against my soapy belly. He let go of my wrists and found the soap.
While I washed my hair he ran the soap over my body, down my back, between my buttocks and legs. I was starting to breath more heavily, as turned on as he obviously was. If his huge cock was anything to go by anyway.
We dried each other off and, still damp, he led me into the bedroom. While I folded back the sheets, he popped the cork and our eyes and glasses meet. “To us,” he said “and for what our lives will yet bring us.” We sip, and then kiss, the cold, bubbly liquid squirting from his mouth into mine, perfect counterpoint to the warm moisture that’s still on our bodies.

"Lie down” I said and he obliged. Glass in hand, I straddle his hips and took a mouthful of Krug. My lips and mouth are again on his and he eagerly slurped up the champagne that I dribbled into his mouth. I could feel him getting more and more turned on by the minute. I moved down on the bed and took him into my mouth.
He gasped at the feeling of the cold Krug on his head. I teased him with it for a moment before swallowing and taking his cock deeper into my mouth, down into my throat, relaxing to take his whole length, the gag reflex a thing of the past and nothing but giving great head into my future.
My hands were on his chest and belly as I worked his cock in and out of my mouth, taking the whole length, licking his balls as I held his cock down my throat.
I could feel his climax building, so I pulled out, pulling him back from the brink, teasing him, delaying him. I did this three times and by now I knew, from my own experience not that long ago, the feeling in his balls must have been intense.

“Turn around on me” he said and I did, my sweet little pussy now above his face, my clit right above his mouth. He reached out with his tongue and gave it a little flick, seeing the shudder pass through me. His tongue parted my lips, tasting my pussy, running from my clit to my arse and back. He buried his face in me, loving every minute of this and then gently took my clit in his lips and sucked.
I gave a little moan and slide his cock back into my mouth, pushing my mound down to him as I drove up and down on his glorious cock, ramming it in and out of my throat, pausing every now and again with it all the way down me.
All those years when I wanted to be a cute girl and deep-throat a big cock attached to a fit body were now a reality and I so far I had loved every single fucking second of being female. Sex like this was everything I had ever hoped for, dreamed about, and I had the Gods of technology to thank. The positions, threesomes, blowjobs, oral sex, arse-fucks and cum-dripping pussy and massive loads in my mouth for eager cum-swallowing had been fabulous and I was looking forward to exploring all my dirty, smutty little slutty fantasies. And I had lots! Five-guy cream-pie anyone?

He sucked harder on my clit and slipped a long finger between my lips, into me. My hips started to move back and forth as I fucked his finger, then he slipped in another one, spreading me further. His long fingers were all the way into me, up against my cervix, and my muscles squeezed them as he slowly worked them around and around, stretching my pussy.
My hips were moving faster now as he pushed his fingers in and out, his lips and tongue hard against my clit.
I came, explosively, great shudders through my body, my hips pressing hard down on his face, suffocating my, until the spasms passed. I went to pull away as his lips on my clit were too intense, but he grabbed my hips and, slowly at first, licked my clit again. I wanted him to stop but it feels too good and, with building passion, he brought me to another intense climax within moments.
I pulled away, turned back around and pressed the length of my body on his. Our lips are together and he kissed me while I got my breath back. I moved my slippery, sweaty body against his, my legs spread across him and, holding his hands in mine to give me leverage, I pressed the head of his cock against me.
I was dripping wet from the climaxes and it slipped easily between my lips. I pressed back and took him into my narrow hole. God, that feels good! My tight pussy squeezed the whole length of him and my hips move back and forth while I fucked him. I pulled up so that he was almost out of me then slowly back down so I could feel his cock entering me, all the way, until my clit was pressed against his pubic bone and his balls were against my arsehole. I maintained this slow rhythm for what felt like hours, always knowing when he was about to come, always pulling back.

“Please!” he said and I moved faster, my clit pressing hard against him while his cock pistoned in and out of me. He could feel my climax building again until we came together, my orgasm hugely intense and just going on and on for ages, as he filled my pussy.

"I want to taste me, in you” he said. I had had an inkling that he was a girl last time around as he was just too bloody good at hitting my buttons and maybe this was another indication of that. Hell, horny, open-minded guys were my favourite!
I turned back around and pressed myself against his face, now wet with both our cum. He licked me eagerly, tasting us together while I took his cock back in my mouth.
My pussy was full to overflowing with his cum but not for long as he enthusiastically ate it out of me. My lips were hot, slippery and swollen and thoroughly delicious.
We were both spent and together we lie on the bed for a while, drinking Krug and listening to the ocean. “Let’s do it again!” he said, with that wicked grin.

Must admit, certainly appealed....

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