Monday, 1 December 2008

A New Body for A New World - 11) Sapphic Satisfaction

Two days later I came back from a day of swimming in the ocean and lying in the sun with Nicolette to find Pix lying face-down on one of my loungers, just wearing panties, fast asleep.

Her tanned body was coated with a light sheen of perspiration and sun oil, and I could see a drop or two of perspiration had pooled in the small of her back. An open bottle of the '67 Chassagne Montrachet was chilling in a bucket beside her, with another empty one lying beside her.
I can resist everything but temptation and this inebriated beauty lying on my lounger was pushing the limits.

I looked at Nicolette and smiled. I sat on the next lounger, pour both of us a glass and toasted Nicolette.

Her Italian heritage had obviously extended to a love of wine and she complimented me on my cellar, before necking the whole contents and holding out her glass for a refill. I obliged, sipped my own and sat back to watch.

I knew Nicolette was thinking of her hands the feel of Pix’s soft, smooth skin. She straddled her thighs, and pulled her shift over her head, letting her full breasts swing free.

She still had a Mediterranean air about her; in the way she expressed herself; the way she moved; her deep passion; all of which her features, dark hair, dark eyes, deep tan and body complimented. She really was an Italian beauty and I was so attracted to her. Quelle surprise!

She shifted down, running her face along one side of Pix’s neck, her long, heavy, dark hair spilling around Pix’s head. First to one side, then the other, so she could feel her breath upon her neck and her ears. She nibbled her ear. Pix lifted her head to Nicolette and their lips and tongues connected, but only for a moment.

Pix could feel Nicolette’s body along the length of hers, pressing her into the lounger, Nicolette’s arms along hers, her hands on her wrists, her large breasts slipping through the perspiration and the oil. For now, she was hers.

Nicolette’s hands were now on her lower back, running hard from her pelvis, back up her gorgeous back, to her neck, then back down to her pelvis and her buttocks. They obviously felt wonderful in Nicolette’s hands and she gripped them hard. Pix raised her hips and Nicolette slipped her panties off, along Pix’s lovely legs.

She spread her cheeks and ran her thumb across her arsehole, down to her slit, easing her already wet lips apart with her oily hands. Nicolette shifted lower and swapped her hands on Pix’s back with her lips and mouth.

She slipped lower again. Her tongue slipped between Pix’s cheeks, following the same path her fingers had taken. Pix raised her hips and Nicolette’s tongue slipped between her lips, tasting her, licking her, loving her, while her nose pressed hard between Pix’s cheeks, hard against her arsehole.

Nicolette’s hips moved lower and Pix’s hips moved higher. Nicolette found her little clit and flicked it briefly with her tongue. Pix want her fingers in her so badly. Not yet. Nicolette pulled her hips up higher and spread her legs a little bit more.

Pix looked fabulous, and I was getting immensely turned on. My own legs were spread and one hand was in my bikini bottoms, while the other popped the clasp on my top and rubbed oil across my hard nipples.

Nicolette’s tongue and lips licked and nibbled her soft lips, slipping inside Pix, tasting her sweet wetness. Pix was getting wetter by the moment. I knew enough about her to know wanted a cock in her by this point but in lieu of that, Nicolette with a strap-on would suffice, but that would have wait: Nicolette really want Pix to come on her face first. God, she loved it when Pix came. Pix rolled over.
Nicolette slipped her arms under Pix’s legs, running her hands across her tummy. Pix liked this position because Nicolette could pull her sweet lips to hers. So she did. Nicolette paused for a moment, savouring the way she smelled and looked, before nibbling Pix’s thigh and lips, her fingers in her brief pubic hair. I heard Nicolette sigh as she buried her face in Pix, her tongue spreading her wet lips, finding her hard clit and flicking against it.

Her tongue alternated between touches so soft they were barely there to hard against her. I could see Pix’s orgasm coming, building, cresting, there. She wanted to push Nicolette away because it was too intense, so she back off just a little, just enough to ensure that her orgasm just kept going and going and going. Pix was a very happy bunny. Nicolette lay on her, gently, while she caught her breath. Now Pix took control.

Without a word she stood and led Nicolette towards my doors. Miranda32, sensing I was there, opened the doors for them. I followed, requested some suitable music, and then slipped off my swimwear. Having retrieved my tickle box from a draw and selecting a suitable vibrator, I sat in one of the large padded armchairs, one leg draped over an arm, with a front row seat.
Pix pushed Nicolette onto the bed, on her back and kissed her deeply, while she rubbed her wet slit against Nicolette’s leg. Her hands were pinning Nicolette down and there’s no question as to who’s in control. This should be interesting, as Nicolette had yet to be fucked, but I think that time was about to come to an end.

I reached into my tickle box and selected a small, slim vibrator which I passed to Pix. She smiled that amazing smile and, if I wasn’t wetter that Niagara Falls already, that would have done it for me. I little moan escaped my lips and I slipped the tip of my own vibrator between my silky lips.
Pix pinned Nicolette’s wrists again and soon her mouth was fast on Nicolette’s mouth before moving down to her neck and breasts. Soon Nicolette’s wet pussy pressed hard against Pix. Pix was loving it, the way she tasted, felt, and being in control. I should know; she’d fucked me enough in the past two days.

Nicolette stretched her arms and legs out wide on my bed, reaching to each corner, loving the feel of the crisp, fresh cotton under her body. Pix’s tongue was augmented by the slim vibrator, and I saw Nicolette’s mouth open in pleasure as Pix eased it up and down her moist slit, its buzzing tip stimulating her clit before entering her gently. Nicolette opened her legs wider, encouraging the vibrator into her.

I could see Nicolette’s earlier inhibitions about being penetrated slipping away as the vibrator slipped deeper into her.
I could resist no more and knelt onto the bed where I could kiss Nicolette’s full lips. She responded eagerly, pulling my head to her.

“How are you doing, sweetness?” I asked

“Oh my God, you were right” This does feel fabulous!”

“Are you ready for something a little bigger?”

‘If you’re sure. You haven’t been wrong so far,” said Nicolette, “but I’m still a little wary.”

“Don’t worry, my sweet one, this is your time and it’s at your pace. I’m happy to help you.” I returned to my tickle box and pulled on a harness before selecting and fitting a medium-sized dildo.

I climbed onto the bed and lay on my back, and Nicolette straddled me, having the control back to let her guide the strap-on into her. Pix’s face was behind her and she couldn’t resist another quick tongue-thrashing before taking the dildo and rubbing its tip up and down Nicolette.

Nicolette pushed back and down slowly, gently, tentatively as she eased the dildo into herself, getting used to the feeling of being spread, being filled like that. If the beatific look on her face was anything to go by, she was enjoying the sensation immensely. Her large breasts were hanging in front of my face and I couldn’t resist the desire to take a nipple in my mouth and grab her bum.

I hadn’t been in this position since being a girl and it brought back numerous memories of fucking like this. Watching her starting to get the rhythm of this, her hips raising and falling as she took the dildo further and deeper into her with each movement.

I could see her breathing coming faster and faster as she started to grind her clit against my mound. I must admit I missed the sensation of it being my own cock buried in this beautiful body above me, and that ball-aching feeling of coming inside her, but the expectation that she would soon be fucking me was more that adequate compensation.

My lips on her nipples became my teeth and I thrust my hips up towards to her descending pussy, fucking her harder and harder. All her inhibitions were now well and truly gone as I gave her the fucking of her life. Literally. Then her mouth was against mine, hard, as the orgasm ripped through her lithe body, wave after wave of pleasure taking her to ecstasy.

And a convert to the wonderful art of getting fucked was born.

Her hot lips were against my ear as she whispered, almost breathlessly, “Nina, you were right yet again. And I’ll have to take you up on you suggestion of a real cock. But before I do that, can I fuck you?”
“Oh, okay. Since you asked so nicely.” And I lifted my bum as Pix slipped the harness off me.
Nicolette was gone for a moment as Pix showed her how to put on the harness, and she swapped the dildo for some altogether more substantial. Pix had encouraged me to order quite a selection of toys through Miaranda32 (who seemed overly interested in my choices, even making a few suggestions of its own. Great, my room was a voyeur) so there was plenty of choice.

"Miranda, you enjoying this?" I asked, not expecting and answer, and getting none. Which was an answer in itself.
Pix and Nicolette were laughing and giggling together, while I lay on the bed and idly played with myself.

I was enjoying lying there face down listening to the Thievery Corporation, swirling the wine around in my mouth, content in so many ways and filled with expectation for what I knew was to come. I didn’t hear them come back to the bed, but I did feel the chill oils drizzling across my back.

Nicolette’s hands press me down, warming the oil with strong strokes across my body, across my bum, between my cheeks. I felt her hair around my face and she bit my neck. Hard. I like it. I felt her breasts, her hard nipples, sliding across my back through the warm, scented oil, and I could feel the dildo pressed between my cheeks. I could feel she and Pix had chosen one of the larger ones and my hips rose in anticipation.

Her hands rubbed against my arse, down to my slit and my clit. I raised my hips higher for her, letting her slip her fingers into me. I could feel the dildo against my pussy and, remembering Nicolette’s previous gender and passion, I let her take the lead. Nicolette’s hands were on my hips as she pulled me back to her with confident ease, obviously have done her fair share of fucking doggy-style before.
She was quite gentle at first as the head spread me, herself getting the feel of having a strap-on rather than a her own cock. I absolutely loved getting fucked this way (actually, fucked any way, come to think of it) and soon she was well inside me.

I rose up onto my knees, spreading my cheeks and my arsehole for her with my hands as she slowly went deeper. Her strong hands felt good on my hips as pulled me to her, pushing the dildo in deeper at the same time.

There was nothing left to give: her whole length is in me and her hips were finding my rhythm as she fucked me. God it felt so, so good. Her hands gripped me harder and it’s definitely a case of her being the dominant one, of her fucking me.

I could tell she loved as I felt her pressing her groin up against me, fucking me harder and harder. My nipples are hard as she reached around to run her hand across my breasts. I arched my back and turned my face to kiss her.

She was hot, sweaty, turned on, happy and utterly delicious. I loved the full feeling of her in me, forgetting it wasn’t a real cock as it felt so real, and she fucked me for ages, sometimes long and slow, sometimes hard and fast. “I want you to lie on your back” she said. I obliged.
She spread my legs wide, my knees hooked over her lovely arms, and then she slipped the dildo back into me. Still very much in control, she bent down so I could kiss her beautiful mouth, her hair falling about my face, the hard nipples on those big breasts rubbing against mine.

She had the most amazing tongue and I loved the feel of it against mine, in my mouth. She let some saliva fall from her mouth into mine and I swallowed it greedily, imagining it was a mouthful of cum. I was not sure how much longer I could take this as it feels way too good.

"Pix, get your sweet little muff over here!” I said. Pix, who had been playing with herself with Nicolette fucked me, was only too happy to indulge me. She spread her legs over my face, her bum towards Nicolette.

Her pussy was above my face and I was in utter ecstasy as I licked, nibbled and sucked her clit and lips, then my tongue met Nicolette’s from the other side, as she tongued Pix’s little arsehole.

Pix’s pussy on my face, my tongue in her, Nicolette fucking me with the dildo for all she was worth while she tongued Pix, worked their combined magic and, unbelievably we all gave together, collapsing on the bed in a giggling, sweaty, slippery, stated mass.
Nicolette was lying on her back, the dildo sticking up in the air, with one hand over her eyes, panting. I smiled and put my mouth on her still-hard, sweaty nipple.
“So?” I asked, archly

“Stupendous! I LOVED getting fucked like that! LOVED IT!!!“ she said, rolling around on the bed and laughing until she was on the floor. Her head appeared above the edge of me bed and I kissed her.
“So, ready for the real thing? Pix, can you think of anyone who might like to fuck our delight Ms Nicolette here?”
A disembodied voice came from the floor on the other side of the bed. “I’m sure I can come with one of two names.”
Nicolette just smiled, and licked her lips. Oh, I think she was ready.
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