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There are times when we have to fall back to the oldest skills known to man.

When Steve picked up the gorgeous girl in the bar he thought it was his lucky day, but it soon went from bad to worse... or did it?

An erotic TG tale by Immoral Minority
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A New Body for A New World - 1) Every Ending is a Beginning

September 4th, 2076. I would have been 112 now. I say would, because 112 wasn’t actually an age I reached. For that matter I never made my century, in cricket or in years. No, I died at the tender age of 73, in the spring of 2038, with the magnolia on the trees and a clear blue sky. So how do I come to be telling you this from beyond the grave? Well, thanks to the largesse of my kith and kin, for my 70th I was given NuLife.
And here I am, not 73, not 112 but eighteen. Or one minute, fourteen seconds, depending on your point of view. Eighteen years physically, one minute and counting conscious, ready, willing and able. Eighteen, nubile, cute, blond, and very female. But I’m getting ahead of myself; let me tell you how this came to be.

Mine was a generation that not only believed in immortality, but could achieve it. My grandparents made it into their seventies, my parents well into their eighties, all before retro genetic, nanotech and good old stem cell therapies hit the mainstream. In the same way my children never played an LP, my grandchildren will never see one of their peers with glasses, zits, or bad teeth. They’ll never go bald, lose their hearing, and get diabetes or heart disease. A Golden Age indeed.

NuLife took all that to the limit. When I died it was only conceptual, me buying into promises and speculation but I figured “Hey, I going to be dead anyway, so what have I got to lose?”

So for my 70th all I got was a weblink and a code. It was expensive, but it wasn’t coming out of my pocket and I knew I’d rather have this than another god-awful round-the-world cruise.

Every night, as I lay my head upon my pillow, my every thought, memory and feeling was backed up, archived and copied to a globe-spanning array of storage. The worst I would lose would be a day, the last day of my life, assuming that Mr Death came knocking unexpectedly.

Which in my case was exactly what happened.

I’ve seen the recordings. Most people don’t want to, bit morbid really, but I always did have a sense of dislocation, that I was not really grounded properly in my physical self.
With that in mind, I took an objective, 3rd party view of what happened. And what happened was actually pretty bloody amusing.
Some old codger, up a ladder in his library, put off balance by a dusty old edition of Dante’s Inferno. Fitting really, but Hell was not for me. Limbo, Purgatory, and then back to reality. I think.
The old codger falling, his robe flapping open revealing pasty, skinny legs and the last turkey in the shop at Christmas, the ladder toppling away, proving that for every action there is indeed an equal and opposite reaction. I believe I shall sue Darwin’s descendants, as it was his bust that was my final undoing, head meeting head, with stone beating bone. I’ve watched it many times, and it never fails to crack me up.
Bloody ironic that Keith Richards got away with the same falling-off-a-ladder-in-your-library act, though now, in retrospect, it’s common knowledge why he’s still around. How come he got the breaks?
Early in the 21st Century, when the possibility of reincarnation moved from the domain of the religious to that of science and commerce, the beautiful, smart people woke up to the true value of their physicality. Hair, skin, blood all became tradable commodities, assuming you could prove provenance of course.
Signed autographs? Piss off! Only if they were signed in blood, thank you very much. Or piss, for that matter. I still remember when Audrey Hepburn’s hairbrush came up for auction, with Christie’s treading where they never had before. One small step. The frenzied bidding by film studios, gene hackmen, grande dames, investment groups.

Nobody knows who walked away that day with a piece of the past to resurrect in the future. Someone’s new body, or someone’s new plaything, new fantasy. Or a harem of Hepburns.

So who am I? Hell, I did the bloke thing for long enough, this has got to be worth it. If I’m going to come back and endure the machinations of life and all that implies, why not a complete change of perspective?

Audrey? Lauren Bacall? Embeth Davidtz? Can’t be. Only they and their immediate descendants can legally clone to 99.9 to fifteen digits percent. For the rest of us, amalgams must suffice. So who am I? Ah, now that would be telling. I will tell you that, take 32 of the most beautiful, intelligent, healthy women from the early years of this century, mix well, clean up a few defects (yes, even those who walk the slopes of Olympus have the occasional genetic blemish), and Robert is your mother’s brother. Though this time around my mother was notably absent from the process.

  • Chapter 2 - In Which our Heroine Finds Her New Place in Life
  • A New Body for A New World - 2) In Which Our Heroine Finds Her New Place in Life

    I slowly came to consciousness, suffused with a warm glow that pulsed from the crown of my head to my toes. I stretched, feeling alive and free of the aches and pains that had troubled me the night before. The night before? Something was different. I felt cool, crisp linen beneath my palms and the soles of my feet, and clean fragrant woodland scents filled my head. I ran my hands across my belly, feeling soft downy hair and sensitive skin.
    My hands moved up across my smooth, hairless ribcage and across my small tits, brushing my nipples, sending frissons of excitement through my body. My hands lingered on my breasts, feeling the soft smooth curve of wonderfully firm yet supple flesh.
    With the fingers of my left hand I tweaked my nipples, making them respond by standing up: hard little nubs of oh, so sensitive flesh. All the while my right hand moved up, fingertips brushing my full lips, across my smooth face and into my thick, luscious hair. Um, this is not quite what I remember...

    With my left still arousing my nipples, my right now moved down, back across my belly, feeling a tiny patch of downy hair. Of their own accord, my legs opened slightly, ready for my exploring fingers. They opened further and my fingers brushed past where my penis should be, felt that little cloven gulf and slipped into my already moist slit, spreading the lips, popping into my wet hole, before moving back up to brush against my clit.
    My body shivered with sheer delight and a quiet moan escaped from my lips. God, this was going to be good.

    “Good morning, sweetness, that’s enough for now” said a woman’s voice, quietly near my ear. I felt her warm, sweet breath on my ear, sat up with a start, and opened my eyes.

    I was in an enormous room, with sunlight streaming through the windows onto the gorgeous fabrics, furniture and works of art. It looked startling like the Presidential Suite I remembered staying in at the George V in Paris that summer all those years ago. Tall, elegant sash windows with mid-morning sun slanting through onto the lush carpet. With senses working better than they had since I was a teen (hell, better than they ever had), I smelt coffee, croissants, and wealth.
    Next to me by the bed knelt the most amazing woman: petite, almost elfin, with bright eyes and a mischievous grin. She wore a simple white linen top through which I could see the outline of her naked body revealed by the sun.
    The only hair on her body was a brief smear between her legs and on her head, red, full and thick, cut short. She smelled delicious.
    Although I had no idea who she was or where I was, I couldn’t help return her smile. She giggled, which made me smile more. She slid onto the bed next to me, brushing my thigh as she did so and sending another shiver through my body.

    “I had to stop you. “She said. “Company policy. Sorry. All new arrivals need a while to adjust to their bodies, and there’s a few legal formalities we need to complete. Can’t go letting you have an orgasm straight off the bat, losing all perspective and slipping Out. Apparently there were a few problems early on, something to do with not being grounded in your body properly yet, and a risk of that first orgasm being your last, at least before the genetechs could reintegrate. And they really don’t like having to do that again. And I’m pretty positive that’s not your plan. ” She smiled again and took my hand.

    “Come on, slowly now. ” She helped me off the bed. She was right: I did feel a little disconnected, like nothing was where it should be. I reached for the back of a chair and missed, my arms being considerably shorter than I remembered as a 6’ 3’’ tall man. Being 5 or 6 inches shorter would take some getting used to.

    “First, do you know who you are?”

    “Yes, I replied, hearing my voice for the first time. My hands flew to my mouth. My voice was silky and quite deep, the words well-formed and clear, with a hint of an English accent. I remember a New Zealand newscaster when I was still quite young, Lucy Hockings I think her name was, with a captivatingly luscious, deep voice. I sounded like her sister. Sultry and perfect for seduction. “James. My name’s. . . James?”

    “James was right, but I don’t think that’s quite appropriate anymore, do you?” she said. “Now’s your chance for something new. ”

    “Nina. For now, call me Nina. After Ms Simone. ”

    “Wonderful, Nina” she said, and beamed the most amazing smile. The room, already lit with sunlight, became just a little brighter.
    “Secondly, and most importantly, do you know where you are?”

    “In a NuLife post-Resurrection recovery suite.” I said, without hesitation, while thinking “either that or I’m dead and in heaven. Same diff. ” I smiled too.

    Her name was Paola, “but everyone calls me Pix, coz they think I look like a pixie. ” “But you do!” I said, and smiled.
    Shit, enough about turning me on, I think I was turning HER on! I smiled more deeply, naughty thoughts racing through my head. Oh, I was going to have FUN!

    Pix lead me around the room, my balance and coordination increasing with every step, until I felt nimble and quick. With only the slightest effort, I leaped like a dancer, landed gracefully, turned and found myself before a large mirror.

    “Lastly, do you accept the body into which you have been Resurrected? It comes with a full six-month guarantee and at any time within this period you may apply for alterations, up to and including a full replacement body of your choice from our Premier catalogue. It turns out your theories on Zero Point Energy were right, you're now a Nobel Laureate, some investments you made before you died were extremely successful and, unlike many others whose money wasted away or were dispered while they were dead, you are actually phenomenally wealthy. This suite can be your home for the next six months too. Hell, you could buy the hotel!”
    I looked at myself in the mirror and, quite frankly, if I was still a man, I’d give myself a hard-on. I turned one way and the other and grabbed my beautiful, pert arse; raised my arms above my head and looked at how my sweet little breasts rested on my chest.
    My neck was long, and my face absolutely stunning. I could see Embeth and Ms Beart in my features and smiled. Pretty woman? You bet! I was fucking stunning!
    The woman looking back at me was the most wondrous creature I had ever seen, incorporating all the attributes I had always admired in women. And she was me. Such a rush of pleasure and completeness flooded my body that I nearly fell as tears started to roll down my cheeks.
    All those years of looking a women, watching them walk, looking at their legs as they drove, watching movies and imagining what it was liked to be so fully desired, watching naked women caress themselves, taking cocks in their mouths, lying back with legs spread as a gorgeous guy slid deep inside them, on their knees with a hard cock in their arse.
    All those years of feeling like no one could ever understand that I didn’t do those things because I wanted to fuck those women, I did them because I wanted to BE those women, sucking cocks, being fucked, having hot, sticky cum fill my pussy, my arse. All those years of wanting finally fulfilled.

    “Unequivocally, absolutely, completely, YES!” I beamed!

    “Come on and I’ll show you around” said Pix. “This is your room for the next six months, and you’ve got this bedroom, a spare bedroom, three bathrooms, a gym, media room and lounge. That door there” and she gestured at a solid door, easily ten feet tall and six wide, “connects you to the central area. There are five other women here and six men, all of whom are new to this, all of whom chose the opposite gender for their NuLife, and have arrived or will arrive in the next few hours.
    You’ll have plenty of time to meet them later. There’s also the hotel we’re attached to and you have free rein of all their facilities. But now, let me show you your room, closets and how everything works, and most importantly, how to be a woman. How are you feeling?”

    How was I feeling? Like I had been a VERY good boy and died and gone to heaven. Pix showed me around the apartment and into the main bathroom.

    “Most people want to take a quick shower at this point” said Pix. “I think it helps with the grounding”

    “Good idea” I said, thinking that a shower would also help clear my spinning head.

  • Chapter 3 - Caution! Slippery When Wet
  • A New Body for A New World - 3) Caution! Slippery When Wet

    I stepped into this enormous marble shower with a rain head rose above me. The water came on immediately, sluicing down my body, making my nipples stand erect again. I shampooed my hair and soaped myself up, then closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of the warm water on my breasts and running between my legs.

    Then the water wasn’t the only thing I felt on my breasts. Pix’s small, delicate hands cupped my breasts, her palms rubbing my nipples. I could feel her own breasts against my back, her arms around me, and her lips on the back of my neck. Her leg rubbed between mine and I opened them to accommodate her, leaning forward so my clit pressed against her warm, wet flesh.
    She pulled away and the shower stopped. A Dyson BodyBlade sluiced the water from our bodies and I shook my head, my shoulder-length hair drying in the warm air.

    Led by Pix, we headed back towards the bed, passing through the strong, warm breeze that dried our bodies. I sat on the edge of the bed looking into Pix’s eyes, and could feel the desire and anticipation building in me. Pix connected with my eyes, leant forward and brushed my forehead with her soft, pillowy lips. I closed my eyes. I felt her lips kiss my eyelids, the bridge of my nose, my cheek.
    A soft moan escaped my lips ahead of Pix’s connecting with mine. My God, that felt good! Her lips pressed harder against mine and, as I felt her tongue gently probing, I opened my lips and her tongue slid between them, against my teeth and into my mouth.
    I opened my legs and Pix stood between them as she kissed me deeply, her hands pulling my head hard against her as my hands seized her shoulders, ran across her back and down to her beautiful arse. I could feel myself getting wet and fell back on the bed, Pix on top of me, giving myself to the moment.
    My hips rose to meet her thrusting mound which pressed against my wet pussy, and her movements against my engorged clit was sending frissons of pleasure right through my body. I was getting wetter and more turned on by the moment and we’d only been at it a matter of minutes!

    I broke away from Pix and shook my head, trying to focus as I shifted further onto the bed and around back onto the pillows where I had woken barely twenty minutes earlier.
    Pix smiled and followed me, sliding easily between my legs. I looked down at our naked bodies with my mind racing, thinking of all those girl-on-girls movies I had watched, and here I was now with a starring performance.
    This time Pix’s lips went no higher than my neck and from there it was downhill all the way. I arched my back and neck to her kisses and could feel my erect nipples crying out for her wet tongue. Her lips brushed against my breasts, her tongue circling my burgundy nipples, before she finally took my right nipple firmly between her lips and pulled back, hard. Ecstasy!
    My back arched again and this time my moan was not quite so quiet. My left nipple was tweaked hard between her fingers as she sucked my right. Left, right, left right. Her alternating attentions were simply amazing and my moans were getting louder.
    I grabbed Pix’s head, pulling her away and burying my tongue in her mouth, feeling her hips pressing against my groin, as I held her head tight to mine. Finally, I broke away, falling back onto the bed again with the expectation of what was yet to come filling my every thought.

    Pix’s lips and tongue went back to my nipples, but only for a moment before heading south. Her teeth nibbled on the soft skin of my belly, her tongue licked my navel, her chin pressed briefly against my clit, her teeth bit the insides of my thigh, and her breath tickled my clit. My clit! Those are two words I never thought I say, and now I could feel the warm, wet tongue of this stunning woman licking up from my dripping vagina to flick against my clit. Again and again and again.
    Pix took my hard, erect, throbbing clit between her lips and sucked. It was like short, sharp electrical shocks being applied to my groin, too much but at the same time not enough. I wanted, needed her to stop but desperately wanted, needed her to keep going, keep going, keep going, KEEP GOING, KEEP GOOOOIIIIIINNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! The orgasm exploded through my body, wave after wave of sheer, pulsing, all-consuming, brain-frying ecstasy shunting through my every cell and pore, over and over and over again. Pix kept her lips on me, pulled back a little, and licked me gently with her tongue as I tried to retain consciousness, before taking my clit between her lips again. Oh, no. Oh. NO. OH YES, YES, YESSSSS! I couldn’t believe I could cum again so quickly or so intensely again. I think this time I did pass out. I certainly had no consciousness of what happened in the next little while.

  • Chapter 4 - Water Sports
  • A New Body for A New World - 4) Water Sports

    When I awoke, the sun had moved on, high in the azure sky, and Pix was nowhere to be seen. The amazing thrills I had felt in my clit had faded but now I had a different kind of hunger. Sliding off the bed, I padded across the carpet, pulled open the curtains and looked out across a small private pool and manicured gardens, leading down to a beach and the sea I could just glimpse in the distance.
    I opened the French doors and let the warm, fragrant Mediterranean air waft in. It felt wonderful on my naked body. For a moment I was self-conscious of standing there naked, but then looking at this fabulous, fit body
    I was happy to show it off. Oh, if only there was someone to show it off to!

    I found a robe and carried the tray of croissants, coffee, chocolates and Krug onto the veranda. This was absolute bliss and worth every penny. Six months of this? Oh, that might be hard to endure, but I’m sure I’d cope somehow.
    By the time I was looking through the bottom of my second glass of Krug the sun and the champers were doing their work, so I popped the Krug back in the bucket, let it float around in the pool, slipped off the robe and dived in. The cooler water was wonderful on my skin and my nipples were soon hard again, my small, pert, perfect breasts out of the water.

    As I floated, naked, in the small private pool on the veranda, the sun on my tanning body, my small, short, pubic hair just visible below the surface, I saw Pix and a man walking up across the lawn from the beach. I couldn’t see the man’s face, but I could see he had a long, lithe, tanned body, white-blond hair, and walked with confidence and ease.
    Pix was wearing a short, black dress that offset her figure fabulously and the man was wearing a white cotton shirt and trousers. With his tan he looks like some Adonis straight out of a commercial. Mmmm, thinks me. God, this gender change was certainly working a few hormonal perspective changes on me, and I draped myself over the edge of the pool, a little squiffy and drunk from the sun. I had a smile on my face as I spread my arms wide, lying there. The scent of the hibiscus, frangipani and bougainvillea that wind along the fences of this private space were heady on the warm breeze.

    “Hello” said Pix as she smiled, “rested?”

    “Oh indeed, I haven’t slept that well for a while, and now I’m floating naked in a pool in the sunshine drinking Krug 2063 and nibbling on some of the best croissants and chocolates I’ve had outside the Left Bank. It’s a tough life”

    “Hi, I’m Colin” said the man. “Pix has told me about you and I thought we should meet”. I smiled, and he returned it, with a cheeky grin.

    Pix said “Colin is one of our Facilitators and has worked for us for a couple of years. Hope he meets with your approval. ”

    He certainly did that. As he squatted by the pool I couldn’t help but check out his tanned chest, strong arms and the bulge in his trousers. I bushed and Pix, noticing, giggled, stripped off and jumped into the pool, her beautiful body cutting through the water. Soon her naked body felt great against mine and I closed my eyes, hearing Colin splash into the water too. Then she was kissing me, her small tongue in my mouth, and on my ears and neck, her breasts pressed hard against me, her nipples hard.

    “Sit on the edge.” said Pix, as she climbed out and poured me another glass of the Krug, before putting the plate of melting chocolate by the pool. I loved looking at her naked body and the way she moved. Just before she jumped back in I saw her pop one of the chocolates into her mouth.
    Swimming over to Colin, she kissed him deeply, her chocolate-covered tongue in his mouth, smearing the sweetness across his lips. I saw him pull her tight, returning her passion. Watching them, I could feel that frisson starting in my clit again.

    I sat there, my feet in the water, a melting chocolate in one hand and a glass of bubbles in the other. Colin swam over to me and I rubbed some of the melted chocolate on to his lips with the very tip of my finger. He smiled as he took my hand and licked the chocolate off my fingers, some having dripped down his chin to run down across his handsome chest and swirl darkly in the warm water.
    My finger moved to trace around my nipple, hardened by the soft breeze now and my growing desire, smearing chocolate across it in a dark line.

    He bent down and gently licked my nipple clean, then his arms came up around my neck and pulled me into the water. I kissed him, the taste of champagne and chocolate sweet and sharp together. His tongue entered my mouth as our arms went around each other and he kissed me deeply, passionately, lovingly.
    He ran his hands through my wet hair and pulled my head harder against him while I pressed my thigh against his hardening penis. The sun is high and hot, and so are we: high on passion, chocolate and champagne, hot with desire for each other. The sub-tropics just got a little bit hotter and Paradise just got a little bit more desirable.

    I turned my back to him now and I could feel his cock pressing between my cheeks, his hands cupping my breasts, his lips on the back of my neck. I moaned with the pleasure and the expectation, and turned my head to take his tongue into my mouth. This being a girl thing was just fabulous and in a few short hours I was well on my way to fulfilling all those fantasies I had as a man oh, so many years ago. Yesterday.

    He turned me around and I wrapped my legs around his torso below the water, pulling him tighter to me, before he lifted me on to the side of the pool and, as he refilled my glass from the ice bucket as it floated by, I took another chocolate, squeezed the liqueur out of it between my fingers and ran my dark hand from my mouth, down my neck, across my breasts, my belly, through my hair, inside my thighs and across my clit. My finger disappeared inside me, and then slowly spread my wet lips, sliding up and down and in.

    “Gosh, you’re going to need a shower to get all that off” said Pix, with fake naivety. There was a small piece of chocolate caught in my navel ring and he started with that, his wet body spreading the chocolate between my legs more.
    He stood up and licked my lips, kissing me deeply, before moving down my neck and around on my breasts. My hard, chocolaty nipple felt wonderful in his mouth. He took a deep draught of the cold champagne and pressed his mouth back against my nipple, and my back arched as I pressed his head hard to me. Champagne ran down my breast, across my belly and thighs, then into the water. He followed its path, licking me clean.

    My feet locked behind his back and I pulled him to me, my lithe arms pushing his head down. He could smell the chocolate, Krug and me combining and it made his cock even harder. Slow, hard kisses and nibbles on my inner thighs and now my legs are wider as I pulled him to me harder. He resisted, wanting to drag out my anticipation, drag out the pleasure. His tongue brushed against my lips and clit, tasting the chocolate and Krug, spreading me and entering me. Now he let me pull him harder against me.
    The breeze and the pleasure brought goose bumps up on my arms and my nipples were hard and dark. He held my legs wide across his arms and ran his tongue up me from my arse to my clit, and then he stopped. Pause. His hand was on my chest and he could feel my heart beating fast as the sun, the wine, the chocolate, the sound of the waves, the smell of the flowers, and the feel of him between my legs was already lifting me. His tongue found the rhythm of my heart and flicked against my clit repeatedly, before he took it in his lips and pulled gently. I was lying back now, resting my elbows on the poolside, as I thrust my hips against him, meeting his rhythm.
    He could feel my climax building and was tempted to pause and tease me but he knew I was too, too, close and now his lips and tongue were working on me while his fingers spread my lips and slid into my wetness. My orgasm was amazing and I saw Pix watching us with a lovely smile.

    I slid back into the water and he held me while I got some strength back in my trembling legs. He moved me down to the end of the pool and turned on the tap to the stone sluice that fed the pool, a cascade of water washing the chocolate away. We both stood there and luxuriated under the heavy flow for a moment before climbing out and letting the sun dry us off on the loungers by the pool.

  • Chapter 5 - Well, Fuck Me! And He Did!
  • A New Body for A New World - 5) Well, Fuck me! And He Did!

    After a short while, Pix led us into the bedroom and I climbed onto the big bed, Colin stretched out beside me, while Pix poured more champers and put on some music. She found another bottle of vintage Krug from somewhere (how much money DID I have?) Lots at compound interest, squirreled away where the taxman couldn’t find it, had obviously set me up quite nicely, thank you.
    I wondered if Aston Martin was still in business. A stunning girl in an Aston Martin Volante, driving the Cote d’Azure? I was sure to get laid! Well, more than I was going to get laid anyway.

    Colin was on his back and I kissed him while my hands moved across his body, getting the feel of him. His tongue felt great in my mouth and the slight stubble on his chin brushing against my face, his hands in my wet hair, were turning me on even more. My mouth had now replaced my hands and I kissed his nipples and belly, moving down to take his cock in my mouth. This was my first ever cock and, for all the movies I’d watched of giving head and the eager girls who did,

    I was still a little unsure. However, the champers and the sun had removed any lingering inhibitions or uncertainties, and the feel of his stiffening cock in my mouth, the incredible soft, pliable flesh of the head under my tongue, were utter bliss. I’d dreamed about this moment so many times and in so many ways, and here I was, finally, as a beautiful girl giving a gorgeous guy a blow-job. Heaven!

    I let out a little moan, as I shifted down on the bed and slowly started licking Colin’s balls and up his shaft. The feel and taste of his hard cock in my mouth was everything I ever dreamed it would be and I ran my tongue around his head, taking it back into my mouth and working it deeper into my throat. All those movies I had watched were paying off as I relaxed my throat and slowly started working on taking his whole length. I gagged for a moment as he’s bigger than I expected but I soon found the rhythm, sliding his whole length in and out of my throat, breathing through my nose so I could pause and lick his balls while his whole length was down my throat.

    “Wow, I’m impressed!” said Pix, “And I think Colin’s pretty happy too!

    I could see Pix sitting in a chair beside the bed, playing with herself, glass in hand, swaying to the music. I don’t think I could be more turned on right now.

    “I want you on your back” he said and I reluctantly rolled off him.

    My eyes were closed as I felt his lips on my body again, moving up across my belly, my breasts, to my neck and mouth. I kissed him eagerly as he pressed in between my legs, spreading me. I could feel the tip of his cock against my slit and I was torn between absolute passion and fear of the unknown.
    My hands were braced against his strong arms as he held himself above me, my feet over his legs. My body knew what to do and I pressed myself against his cock, feeling his tip spread my lips and gently start to enter me.
    He was big and I must admit I was a little scared, but the sheer pleasure of feeling his warm, hard, smooth cock sliding deeper and deeper into me quickly dispelled any doubts.

    His cock was spreading me wide as he pushed into me, his slow fucking going deeper each time, my wetness easing him into my tight pussy. I’d never imagined having anything this big and fantastic in me before but I was taking it, feeling him go deeper and deeper into me until I could feel his balls pressing up against arse, my clit pressed hard against him.
    I loved the feeling of his big cock in me, fucking me, and I squeezed his shaft with my pussy. He pulled right out, and then drove it back into me, his balls hard against my arse. Out and deep, out and deep, my hips rising to meet him each time, my breath coming harder and faster. My hands grabbed his arse and pulled him into me, hard each time.

    I could feel every single centimetre of Colin in me, fucking me more and more. His breathing was getting faster and I knew he was about to cum. I grabbed his firm bum and held on tightly, pressing harder to him, grinding my clit hard against him, feeling my own orgasm building, letting him know where I wanted his cum.
    He obliged, his load exploding into my pussy, filling me, spilling out of me to run down between my legs. I knew then how it felt for those women I fucked and I was in absolute heaven, feeling Colin’s cum running down my slit to my arse.

    He stayed in me, hard in me, hard against me while he kept fucking me and, against all odds, I came again, my body shuddering against him. If I thought I was spent before, I was doubly so then and I was literally weak at the knees.
    Colin pulled out of me slowly and I miss his cock already. The feeling of fullness it gave me, and the feeling of his cum in me, was one of the most sensuous things I’d ever experienced. Colin headed off for the shower and Pix lay down beside me.

    “Fuck me! That. Was. Simply AMAZING!!!” I said to her.

    “Fuck you? Don’t tell me you’re up for it again” she laughed.

    “Not bloody likely! Well, not for ten minutes at least. But I think our friend Colin might be.

    “Are you sure you not?” said Pix, as she took my nipple in her teeth. I winced. I smiled. I rolled onto my stomach and stretched luxuriantly.

    I felt the cold squirt of oil onto my back and her strong hands worked it into my skin, then she rubbed her breasts across my back and I could feel her hard nipples on me. Her hands moved down across my bum and spread my cheeks, and I opened my legs for her. Suddenly I clenched my cheeks as another squirt of the cold oil hit my arse, but I soon loved the feel of her hands between my cheeks, and raised my hips as she slipped first one finger then another into my pussy.

    Her lips were against my ear as she whispered “don’t move a muscle!” I didn’t, other than to stretch out across the bed. Soon she was back, her legs across mine and her fingers in me. I loved the feel of her stretching me and my hips were finding a rhythm, then her hands were on my back pressing me hard into the bed.
    I could feel the length of the dildo she was wearing sliding between my cheeks through the oil. It felt big and thick. Maybe too big and thick, but there was not much I could do about it now. She was not letting me go anywhere. I gasped as the large head pressed against my hole and kept on pressing into me. God, that feels big! Not sure I could take this, but my hips rose to meet her length anyway and I took more of it into me. Back and forth, back and forth, a little bit deeper each time before I could feel the whole thing in me, her pubic hair pressing up against my bum. I rose up on my knees as she fucked me harder and harder, my face buried in the pillow.

    She pulled out and rolled me over on my back, spreading my legs before entering me again. I got to see her smiling face, to look into her eyes, as she fucked me. My legs were around her back and her mouth was fast on mine as I could feel her sliding in and out of me.
    I just loved her fucking me and wanted this to last forever, but I could feel my orgasm building. So could she and she pinned me down, hard, while she fucked me to a climax. She continued to fuck me, slower and slower, while I caught my breath.

    Pix wriggled out of the harness and slid her body against mine. I could feel her heart hammering against mine and right now there’s nowhere and no-one else in the world.
    I loved the fact we both knew what we wanted, we both loved what we do, and both loved being together. She ran her fingers through my tangled, drying hair and she smiled such a smile that it blocked out the world.

  • Chapter 6 - Pix Shows Colin a Good Time
  • A New Body for A New World - 6) Pix Shows Colin a Good Time

    By the time Colin got back to the bed, the icy champagne was filling our glasses and I had just about recovered. Pix stepped off the bed and went to him, her petite frame looking small and vulnerable against him. His hand was spread across her tight little bum as he pulled her to him.

    Pix slowly slid down onto her knees, kissing his body as she went, before taking him in her mouth. I could see him rising to the challenge, loving it when she filled her warm mouth with the cold champers.

    The sight of her mouth on him looked delicious and I was dying to get his cock in my mouth again too.

    Pix led Colin back to the bed and lay him on his back, working his cock until it was hard. I loved looking at her little pussy as she knelt on the bed beside him and loved the sight of him slipping a finger into her wet hole even more.

    She turned around on him, pressing her pussy against his face and I saw his tongue eagerly licking her, pressing inside her, flicking against her clit, while she took him in her mouth. I sat on the bed next to them idly playing with my clit.

    “Lie on your back” she told me. I did, and now it was my face in her pussy, licking her sweet slit, as she straddled me. Colin came around to kneel behind her and I took his cock in my mouth again before rubbing it up and down her wet slit, spreading her lips with his head, guiding him into her. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of her was wonderful, and her tongue licking my clit was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm but I was determined to hang on.

    Her pussy was spread wide by Colin’s cock and her hips were moving faster and faster as I saw the climax building in her, as she thrust herself back against him. Colin was getting close too and me licking his balls as his cock fucked her hard was helping. With a great groan they came together, Colin’s seed filling her, spilling out of her and down onto my tongue, into my mouth.

    He pulled out of her and a gush of his cum squeezed out from her pussy, which I swallow eagerly.

    My lips were back on her hard clit, nibbling and sucking until she came again, her spasms squeezing more of Colin’s cum out into my mouth. I couldn’t hold on any longer and came yet again. Pix turned around and pressed me hard into the bed, my cum-filled mouth firm against hers.

    She sat up and kissed Colin and I saw him lick a little bit of his cum off her chin. I curled up around her, wanting some respite, but Colin had other ideas.

    Pix obviously liked seeing Colin’s mouth on my body. Her lips were on my neck and ears while Colin took my nipple in his mouth, gently tweaking it with his lips. The feeling of being the focus of attention of these two stunning people was marvellous. His hand was between my legs, rubbing my clit with his thumb while two fingers spread my pussy, slipping a finger into my wet hole.

    I could see Colin’s soft cock between his legs and I wanted it in my mouth again, so I slid down on the bed and, lying on my back I took it in my mouth, sucking on it, feeling it growing hard. I could taste Pix on him from earlier, and I could smell our combined sex.

    Ye gods, I was a horny little minx! Obviously a gender change had done nothing to assuage my rampant sex drive. He took his fingers out of my pussy and she sucked on them, tasting me on him.

    I took his growing cock back into my mouth but, at this angle, I couldn’t get it down very deep.

    His cock was now hard again and he eased his body down over me and slid it into back into my hot, wet pussy. I kissed him as he slowly fucked me, while my fingers explored Pix.

    She shifted up on the bed and across me so I could bury my face back between her legs while she kissed Colin. She looked a bit swollen from the fucking but I could see my gentle ministrations were helping her nicely. It felt unbelievably good to be licking her while Colin fucked me, and I could still taste his cum in her from earlier. I loved every second of this.

    “Lie on your stomach” Pix told me as Colin pulled out of me.

    I knew what she was planning and, though my pussy was still a little sore, I was really looking forward to having it filled by his large cock again. She squirted some oil between my cheeks and, using my fingers, spread my arse. Her hands were replaced by his cock and he slid it back and forth between my cheeks for a while.

    I lifted my bum to him and looked over my shoulder to see her fingers around his shaft, pressing the head against my pussy. I was a little loose from earlier and it went into me easier than the dildo did.

    I was on my knees now while Colin’s cock filled me, his hands firm on my hips, pulling me to him in tune with his thrusts. I was pushing back against him each time, loving the feeling of being fucked like this.

    Christ, I hadn’t been a girl for long and my pussy was already feeling the effects of all this fucking! So far, this had been the most pleasurable, hedonistic day of my life and it wasn’t over yet!

    With each stroke, I could feel his balls banging against my clit and, between the feeling of him spreading me wide and his balls against me, I soon felt myself being brought to a climax yet again.

    Multiple orgasms were certainly all they were cracked up to be and certainly worth the wait! With a knee-trembling, thigh-jerking, brain-frying deep-seated spasm I came yet again, and collapsed, exhausted, sated on the bed.

  • Chapter 7 - Dressed to Kill
  • A New Body for A New World - 7) Dressed to Kill

    The sun is low in the sky when I woke up. Pulling on some cute boy-shorts, I stepped out on the veranda to find Colin lying face down on a lounger, the sun through the palms dappling his back.

    “Hey sweetness, happy?”

    “Mmmm. I love this” he said “but I’m getting hungry. If you want me to fuck you tonight you have to feed the beast. And you and Pix finished the champers.”

    “Come on, let’s get dressed and go up to the restaurant. We should get out of this room at least once!”

    “OK” said Colin, “I’ll pop back to my room and get changed. One hour?”

    “Perfect! Should have figured out how to get a bra on by then!” I laughed. I checked out Colin’s cute bum as he stepped out of the pool to get his clothes from earlier. Mmmm... nice!

    I head off to the bathroom to shower. I sat on the loo and let my bladder go. Peeing like this felt really different, and as I wiped myself I thought having to sit down from now on was a small price to pay for the obvious benefits my new body had already shown me.

    After poking myself in the eye with the eyeliner for the third time, my frustration got the better of me. “Oh for fuck’s SAKE! Where the fuck is Pix when I need her!”

    “Would you like some assistance?” said a soft melodious voice. I jumped, turned around but there was no-one there.

    “Hello?” I asked tentatively, “Who said that?”

    “That would be me” said the voice, seeming to come from the air in front of me. “I’m your suite AI and my name’s MIRANDA32. Metaphysical Interactive Roomserver AND Assistant for Suite 32”

    “Wow! Like a talking computer?”

    “A little more than that.” it replied, with distinctly frosty tones. Okaaay, I thought, a talking computer with a chip on its shoulder, and a bit of an attitude.

    “And what, pray tell, can Miranda32 do for me?”

    “I can ask Pix to come and assist you, if you like, or I can help you interface the room manual, and NuLife Adjustment Guides.”

    Thinking of Pix’s sweet lips and great smile I opted for the former and five minutes later she was knocking on my door. She was still wearing the same white top from earlier but had offset it with a black and tan silk sarong, and embroidered silk slippers. As always she looked delicious.

    “I’m having dinner with Colin on the terrace tonight, and I what to look drop-dead gorgeous, but this whole make-up thing is driving me to despair. And I have no idea what I should wear. Can you help me?”

    “That’s what I here for, sweetie.” she said, and brushed my lips briefly with hers. My mind, and my eyes, immediately went elsewhere. Focus, Nina, you tart, focus, I thought

    Pix stepped over to the room console and quickly a holographic image of me, naked, in all my glory appeared in the room.

    “Let’s start with the underwear and work our way up from there. What did you have in mind? Here’s the catalogue for your room. It’s pretty extensive so I’ll skip the erotica, bondage and top-end lingerie for now and we’ll focus on the basics. Garters etcetera you can leave for another day.”

    She touched the air next to my image and a drop-down of underwear choices appeared. Working with her I chose a lace bra in flesh-tones and a thong. Pix hit OK and they appeared on my holo. Not quite what I had in mind.

    A few more selections and I was looking at myself wearing a simple white bra with matching French knickers. My cute bum and slim legs set them off nicely and, while I didn’t need the bra with the perfect little tits I’d been given, it did work really well with the knickers. Nice!

    “Now, let’s choose an outfit, and then I’ll help you choose makeup to go with it. What were you thinking of?”

    “I’d love to go with something simple yet elegant. It’s pretty warm today, what’s it going to be like this evening?”

    “Probably about...” started Pix before she was cut off by Miranda32.

    “This evening will be 26 degrees, with 83% humidity and a 3km South-south-westerly breeze” it interjected. Pix looked at me, smiled, arched an eyebrow, and mouthed She can be SUCH a bitch! at me. I stifled a laugh.

    I started with a cute LBD which showed off my legs and arms nicely, then a two-piece with a chocolate-coloured skirt and linen top, draping each of these over the holo in turn. I ended up with an ankle-length off-the-shoulder linen dress, a shawl and some flat sandals to go with it. It felt great to pull these soft silk kickers up over my bum and, with Pix’s guidance, my cute pert tits into the bra.

    Pix helped me get the hang of my makeup: after applying it for me once, she got me to do it thrice more until I was confident. I tied my hair back with a ribbon, letting a few strands fall loose to frame my beautiful face. I wriggled into the dress, finished off with a couple of well-placed dabs of Chanel No. 5 and I was ready.

    15 minutes late, fashionably late. Well, if I was going to be a girl from now on the least I could do was live up to the reputation. Besides, as I checked myself out in the mirror, I doubted Colin would be complaining too much. Pix kissed me on the cheek so as not to smear my lipstick and gave my bum a quick squeeze. “Have fun!” she said. I don’t think that was much in doubt. Here I was, flying solo, out on my first date as a woman. God, I hope I do OK!

    I felt a little nervous as I stepped out into the warm evening and Miranda32 closed the door behind me.

  • Chapter 8 - Doing Double Duty
  • A New Body for A New World - 8) Doing Double Duty

    Our table on the terrace overlooked the trees, gardens, beach and the ocean. Quite idyllic. The sun plunged into the ocean as we finished our martinis, and the olives did nothing to temper my growing hunger.

    We ordered food and a great, old bottle of Gevrey Chambertin and fell into easy conversation, my bare feet rubbing against his leg under the table.

    Appetizers came and went, as did our mains and the wine. We were just starting in on desserts and liqueurs when he said “I know that guy over there. His name’s Danny and he was Resurrected about a year ago, then moved on. Wonder what he’s doing back here? DAN!”

    I turned to see somebody with their back to me, leaning on the bar and swirling wine in a large glass. He turned and looked around for a moment, saw Colin and, with a huge grin on his face came over, bottle in hand.

    “Hi Colin, what are you doing here?”

    “Me? Two weeks of hedonistic bliss” he said, smiling at me. “Nina, may I please introduce the inestimable Danny” He was cute!

    I just smiled and stood up as Colin kissed me on the cheek. I noticed his eyes briefly take in my body. “Come on, join us. And what about you?”

    ”I’ve just finished an amazing trip and thought I would stop by the old town for a couple of days” Dan said “but I wanted to stay here where it’s a bit quieter and the girls are cuter, though there’s been a mix-up and they won’t have my room until tomorrow. The manager’s trying to find an alternative for me now. ”

    “I’ve got plenty of space in my cabana” Colin said “Stay with me!”

    “Great!” he said “But am I going to have to listen to you two fucking like rabbits all night long?” I blushed for an instant as Colin and Danny both laughed, then I caught Colin’s eye as he raised an eyebrow. I knew what he was thinking and could feel myself getting wet as I thought about it too. “If you’re sure I’ll go and tell the manager” Danny said and headed off.

    “What are you planning, you cheeky bugger?” I asked

    “Oh, you’ll see. I have in mind seeing you get fucked by more than me and Pix tonight” Which just proved that he was a cheeky bugger, but I had a feeling it was me who was about to be buggered. I squirmed just thinking about getting these two gorgeous guys in my bed.

    We helped Danny finish his Barolo and chatted easily for a while before all heading off towards Colin’s cabana, taking the long way around through the gardens and along the beach.

    The surf was rolling onto the beach and I played dodging the waves, not always successfully, and the hem of my dress was wet to the knee by the time we get back.

    Colin and Danny headed out onto the veranda while I stripped off my wet dress and my underwear, and then pulled on a robe. I left the French doors to the room slightly ajar and caught Danny checking out my naked body out through the crack. Oh yes, thinks me. Oh yes indeed.

    We sat out on the veranda, chatting, drinking the wine Colin brought back and listening to music for a while then I suddenly stood, slipped off my robe and dove into the pool, my naked form cutting into the water. “Come on boys!” I said “it’s not polite to keep a lady waiting!”
    Colin and Danny looked at each other for a moment then stripped off and dove in too. They were leaning back against the side when I surfaced, my naked body sandwiched between them.

    I kissed Colin, hard, pressing him back against the side, and then I did the same to Danny. His hands on my back and bum, and the sight of him kissing me passionately, were really turning Colin on.

    “You know, you can do more than just listen to us fuck” Colin said to Danny, and there was that cheeky grin on his face again. I kissed Danny again, and felt his hand inside my thighs. I couldn’t see Danny’s other hand but I was pretty sure I knew where it was, judging from the happy look on Colin’s face. My fantasy of this night had just been ramped up a notch, and was now becoming reality.

    I climbed out of the pool, dried myself off and, without a word, headed for the bedroom. Colin and Danny quickly climbed out and dried themselves off too.
    Danny was checking out Colin’s already hard cock and tight ass as he followed him into the bedroom. I was lying there on the bed and they came to lie down beside me. I kissed Danny then turned and kissed Colin again, taking a cock in each hand.

    “This is the first time I’ve done this” I said “and could use a little guidance. ”
    Colin and Danny both rolled onto their backs, their hard cocks sticking up. God, I was getting wet.

    “I’m sure you can figure it out” said Colin. I would give it a try!

    I took Colin’s stiff cock into my mouth, loving the taste of him, loving the feel of his head on my tongue. Then the same for Danny, pulling his foreskin back gently and running my tongue around his head and my teeth along his shaft.
    I took him back into my mouth and, relaxing my throat, deep, deep down, my tongue licking his balls as his long shaft was all the way down my throat.
    I paused, breathing through my nose the way Pix had taught me. God I LOVED giving head! Back to Colin; back to Danny.

    “And just what do you two have in mind?” I asked, knowing the answer. “This is the first time I’ve been with two guys and so far I’m loving every second”

    “Anything that’s out of bounds?” Danny asked

    “Not so far” I replied, looking at his large cock. “I’ll try anything once and twice if I like it. Two cocks and lots of places to put them!” I put my hands to my mouth, shocked at how brazen that sounded coming from a girl.

    I went back to sucking Danny’s gorgeous cock greedily, almost fervently, taking it down my throat, pulling out and nibbling his hard shaft as my hands rubbed across his body. I couldn’t help but moan at the sheer pleasure of sucking cock.
    Colin came around behind me and grabbed my hips, hard. I felt his cock rubbing up and down between my cheeks and I raised my bum to him, pushing back hard as he entered me, driving him deep into my pussy. A large cock in my pussy and another down my throat.
    What more could a girl want. God, I was such a slut and loving every single moment of it. Colin fucked me harder and harder until I came, ramming my wet pussy against his hard cock, my swollen clit pressing hard against him. This orgasm was stupendous and, had I been in control I would have stopped, but I belonged to these two gorgeous men right now and Colin had no intention of stopping.

    Now I was face down into the bed, held there by strong hands. My legs were spread by Colin and his hands spread my cheeks, his tongue on my arse, probing into me.

    Danny drizzled oil between my cheeks and onto Colin’s cock, rubbing it along the shaft with his hands. Danny then pressed his oily thumb into my ass, working it around, stretching me, before slipping first one, then two fingers into me, stretching me further, working my arsehole, and loosening me.
    I knew then what Colin had in mind and was a little scared, before I relaxed and gave myself to the moment.

    Danny had Colin’s cock in his mouth, his saliva making it wetter, running down its length. I lifted my bum to Colin and he guided his cock between my cheeks.
    He slid it back and forth, my bum rising to meet each long stroke. He took the shaft and pressed the head against my arse, and gently slipped the head into me. I gasped a little but lifted my arse higher to him, taking more of it, pushing past the painful point. There must have been half of it in me now and I was showing every sign that I wanted it all.
    Danny moved up on the bed and lay in front of me, his legs spread. I took his cock in my mouth, working along its length with my teeth, licking his balls then back up to take it back into my mouth and down my throat again.

    I looked up at Danny and his eyes were closed, with this beatific smile on his face. It seemed that I knew what I was doing when it came to giving head. Colin’s hands gripped my hips hard as he arse-fucked me, sliding that length in and out in deep, powerful strokes.

    My mouth on Danny’s cock felt fabulous, and I loved feeling his length disappearing repeatedly into my mouth, down my throat. It really didn’t get much better.
    God, Colin’s cock in my arse felt better than I expected. I loved this: my head bobbing up and down as I sucked Danny’s cock. We were all in ecstasy and fucked like this for what seems like ages. Then Colin pulled out of me, and I immediately missed the feeling of being filled like that.
    But my boys had other ideas.
    Danny slid down on the bed, and I straddled him, slipping his large cock into my pussy, riding up and down his long shaft, almost out of me then as far into me as I could get it. I was really getting used to this being-fucked thing.

    Now I could feel Colin’s head pressing against my arse again. I stopped riding Danny as Colin slid his length back into my tight arse. I could feel Colin’s cock sliding in and out of me and Danny’s hard cock through the wall of my arse and it was really turning me on.
    I was breathing hard now as together they fucked me, Colin’s balls now rubbing against Danny’s shaft as he drove in and out of my arse. I ground my clit against Danny’s pubic bone, breathing harder and faster until, the sensation of two hard cocks in me, the feeling of being filled by these two amazing cocks was just too, too much and I came almost immediately.

    Colin loved fucking my tight arse and I could sense he was about to cum. “In me, please!” I begged “Cum in my arse, fill my arse! Oh, God, fill my little body!” With a great groan Colin’s balls exploded his load into my arse, his cum and the oil making a delicious, slippery sensation in me. I could feel Danny starting to come too but I wanted his cum somewhere else. I wriggled my firm, little body off these two guys and took Danny back deep down my throat, up and down, sucking and slurping his hard cock, tasting my pussy juices on his cock until he came, shooting his load into my mouth, down my throat. I greedily slurped down every last delicious drop.
    We were all exhausted and Danny and Colin flopped on the bed together while I went to get showered. By the time I got back to the bed, they were both asleep and I blew out the candles, slid in between them and slept between my two lovers.
  • Chapter 9 - Breakfast of Champions