Monday, 1 December 2008

A New Body for A New World - 4) Water Sports

When I awoke, the sun had moved on, high in the azure sky, and Pix was nowhere to be seen. The amazing thrills I had felt in my clit had faded but now I had a different kind of hunger. Sliding off the bed, I padded across the carpet, pulled open the curtains and looked out across a small private pool and manicured gardens, leading down to a beach and the sea I could just glimpse in the distance.
I opened the French doors and let the warm, fragrant Mediterranean air waft in. It felt wonderful on my naked body. For a moment I was self-conscious of standing there naked, but then looking at this fabulous, fit body
I was happy to show it off. Oh, if only there was someone to show it off to!

I found a robe and carried the tray of croissants, coffee, chocolates and Krug onto the veranda. This was absolute bliss and worth every penny. Six months of this? Oh, that might be hard to endure, but I’m sure I’d cope somehow.
By the time I was looking through the bottom of my second glass of Krug the sun and the champers were doing their work, so I popped the Krug back in the bucket, let it float around in the pool, slipped off the robe and dived in. The cooler water was wonderful on my skin and my nipples were soon hard again, my small, pert, perfect breasts out of the water.

As I floated, naked, in the small private pool on the veranda, the sun on my tanning body, my small, short, pubic hair just visible below the surface, I saw Pix and a man walking up across the lawn from the beach. I couldn’t see the man’s face, but I could see he had a long, lithe, tanned body, white-blond hair, and walked with confidence and ease.
Pix was wearing a short, black dress that offset her figure fabulously and the man was wearing a white cotton shirt and trousers. With his tan he looks like some Adonis straight out of a commercial. Mmmm, thinks me. God, this gender change was certainly working a few hormonal perspective changes on me, and I draped myself over the edge of the pool, a little squiffy and drunk from the sun. I had a smile on my face as I spread my arms wide, lying there. The scent of the hibiscus, frangipani and bougainvillea that wind along the fences of this private space were heady on the warm breeze.

“Hello” said Pix as she smiled, “rested?”

“Oh indeed, I haven’t slept that well for a while, and now I’m floating naked in a pool in the sunshine drinking Krug 2063 and nibbling on some of the best croissants and chocolates I’ve had outside the Left Bank. It’s a tough life”

“Hi, I’m Colin” said the man. “Pix has told me about you and I thought we should meet”. I smiled, and he returned it, with a cheeky grin.

Pix said “Colin is one of our Facilitators and has worked for us for a couple of years. Hope he meets with your approval. ”

He certainly did that. As he squatted by the pool I couldn’t help but check out his tanned chest, strong arms and the bulge in his trousers. I bushed and Pix, noticing, giggled, stripped off and jumped into the pool, her beautiful body cutting through the water. Soon her naked body felt great against mine and I closed my eyes, hearing Colin splash into the water too. Then she was kissing me, her small tongue in my mouth, and on my ears and neck, her breasts pressed hard against me, her nipples hard.

“Sit on the edge.” said Pix, as she climbed out and poured me another glass of the Krug, before putting the plate of melting chocolate by the pool. I loved looking at her naked body and the way she moved. Just before she jumped back in I saw her pop one of the chocolates into her mouth.
Swimming over to Colin, she kissed him deeply, her chocolate-covered tongue in his mouth, smearing the sweetness across his lips. I saw him pull her tight, returning her passion. Watching them, I could feel that frisson starting in my clit again.

I sat there, my feet in the water, a melting chocolate in one hand and a glass of bubbles in the other. Colin swam over to me and I rubbed some of the melted chocolate on to his lips with the very tip of my finger. He smiled as he took my hand and licked the chocolate off my fingers, some having dripped down his chin to run down across his handsome chest and swirl darkly in the warm water.
My finger moved to trace around my nipple, hardened by the soft breeze now and my growing desire, smearing chocolate across it in a dark line.

He bent down and gently licked my nipple clean, then his arms came up around my neck and pulled me into the water. I kissed him, the taste of champagne and chocolate sweet and sharp together. His tongue entered my mouth as our arms went around each other and he kissed me deeply, passionately, lovingly.
He ran his hands through my wet hair and pulled my head harder against him while I pressed my thigh against his hardening penis. The sun is high and hot, and so are we: high on passion, chocolate and champagne, hot with desire for each other. The sub-tropics just got a little bit hotter and Paradise just got a little bit more desirable.

I turned my back to him now and I could feel his cock pressing between my cheeks, his hands cupping my breasts, his lips on the back of my neck. I moaned with the pleasure and the expectation, and turned my head to take his tongue into my mouth. This being a girl thing was just fabulous and in a few short hours I was well on my way to fulfilling all those fantasies I had as a man oh, so many years ago. Yesterday.

He turned me around and I wrapped my legs around his torso below the water, pulling him tighter to me, before he lifted me on to the side of the pool and, as he refilled my glass from the ice bucket as it floated by, I took another chocolate, squeezed the liqueur out of it between my fingers and ran my dark hand from my mouth, down my neck, across my breasts, my belly, through my hair, inside my thighs and across my clit. My finger disappeared inside me, and then slowly spread my wet lips, sliding up and down and in.

“Gosh, you’re going to need a shower to get all that off” said Pix, with fake naivety. There was a small piece of chocolate caught in my navel ring and he started with that, his wet body spreading the chocolate between my legs more.
He stood up and licked my lips, kissing me deeply, before moving down my neck and around on my breasts. My hard, chocolaty nipple felt wonderful in his mouth. He took a deep draught of the cold champagne and pressed his mouth back against my nipple, and my back arched as I pressed his head hard to me. Champagne ran down my breast, across my belly and thighs, then into the water. He followed its path, licking me clean.

My feet locked behind his back and I pulled him to me, my lithe arms pushing his head down. He could smell the chocolate, Krug and me combining and it made his cock even harder. Slow, hard kisses and nibbles on my inner thighs and now my legs are wider as I pulled him to me harder. He resisted, wanting to drag out my anticipation, drag out the pleasure. His tongue brushed against my lips and clit, tasting the chocolate and Krug, spreading me and entering me. Now he let me pull him harder against me.
The breeze and the pleasure brought goose bumps up on my arms and my nipples were hard and dark. He held my legs wide across his arms and ran his tongue up me from my arse to my clit, and then he stopped. Pause. His hand was on my chest and he could feel my heart beating fast as the sun, the wine, the chocolate, the sound of the waves, the smell of the flowers, and the feel of him between my legs was already lifting me. His tongue found the rhythm of my heart and flicked against my clit repeatedly, before he took it in his lips and pulled gently. I was lying back now, resting my elbows on the poolside, as I thrust my hips against him, meeting his rhythm.
He could feel my climax building and was tempted to pause and tease me but he knew I was too, too, close and now his lips and tongue were working on me while his fingers spread my lips and slid into my wetness. My orgasm was amazing and I saw Pix watching us with a lovely smile.

I slid back into the water and he held me while I got some strength back in my trembling legs. He moved me down to the end of the pool and turned on the tap to the stone sluice that fed the pool, a cascade of water washing the chocolate away. We both stood there and luxuriated under the heavy flow for a moment before climbing out and letting the sun dry us off on the loungers by the pool.

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