Monday, 1 December 2008

A New Body for A New World - 3) Caution! Slippery When Wet

I stepped into this enormous marble shower with a rain head rose above me. The water came on immediately, sluicing down my body, making my nipples stand erect again. I shampooed my hair and soaped myself up, then closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of the warm water on my breasts and running between my legs.

Then the water wasn’t the only thing I felt on my breasts. Pix’s small, delicate hands cupped my breasts, her palms rubbing my nipples. I could feel her own breasts against my back, her arms around me, and her lips on the back of my neck. Her leg rubbed between mine and I opened them to accommodate her, leaning forward so my clit pressed against her warm, wet flesh.
She pulled away and the shower stopped. A Dyson BodyBlade sluiced the water from our bodies and I shook my head, my shoulder-length hair drying in the warm air.

Led by Pix, we headed back towards the bed, passing through the strong, warm breeze that dried our bodies. I sat on the edge of the bed looking into Pix’s eyes, and could feel the desire and anticipation building in me. Pix connected with my eyes, leant forward and brushed my forehead with her soft, pillowy lips. I closed my eyes. I felt her lips kiss my eyelids, the bridge of my nose, my cheek.
A soft moan escaped my lips ahead of Pix’s connecting with mine. My God, that felt good! Her lips pressed harder against mine and, as I felt her tongue gently probing, I opened my lips and her tongue slid between them, against my teeth and into my mouth.
I opened my legs and Pix stood between them as she kissed me deeply, her hands pulling my head hard against her as my hands seized her shoulders, ran across her back and down to her beautiful arse. I could feel myself getting wet and fell back on the bed, Pix on top of me, giving myself to the moment.
My hips rose to meet her thrusting mound which pressed against my wet pussy, and her movements against my engorged clit was sending frissons of pleasure right through my body. I was getting wetter and more turned on by the moment and we’d only been at it a matter of minutes!

I broke away from Pix and shook my head, trying to focus as I shifted further onto the bed and around back onto the pillows where I had woken barely twenty minutes earlier.
Pix smiled and followed me, sliding easily between my legs. I looked down at our naked bodies with my mind racing, thinking of all those girl-on-girls movies I had watched, and here I was now with a starring performance.
This time Pix’s lips went no higher than my neck and from there it was downhill all the way. I arched my back and neck to her kisses and could feel my erect nipples crying out for her wet tongue. Her lips brushed against my breasts, her tongue circling my burgundy nipples, before she finally took my right nipple firmly between her lips and pulled back, hard. Ecstasy!
My back arched again and this time my moan was not quite so quiet. My left nipple was tweaked hard between her fingers as she sucked my right. Left, right, left right. Her alternating attentions were simply amazing and my moans were getting louder.
I grabbed Pix’s head, pulling her away and burying my tongue in her mouth, feeling her hips pressing against my groin, as I held her head tight to mine. Finally, I broke away, falling back onto the bed again with the expectation of what was yet to come filling my every thought.

Pix’s lips and tongue went back to my nipples, but only for a moment before heading south. Her teeth nibbled on the soft skin of my belly, her tongue licked my navel, her chin pressed briefly against my clit, her teeth bit the insides of my thigh, and her breath tickled my clit. My clit! Those are two words I never thought I say, and now I could feel the warm, wet tongue of this stunning woman licking up from my dripping vagina to flick against my clit. Again and again and again.
Pix took my hard, erect, throbbing clit between her lips and sucked. It was like short, sharp electrical shocks being applied to my groin, too much but at the same time not enough. I wanted, needed her to stop but desperately wanted, needed her to keep going, keep going, keep going, KEEP GOING, KEEP GOOOOIIIIIINNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! The orgasm exploded through my body, wave after wave of sheer, pulsing, all-consuming, brain-frying ecstasy shunting through my every cell and pore, over and over and over again. Pix kept her lips on me, pulled back a little, and licked me gently with her tongue as I tried to retain consciousness, before taking my clit between her lips again. Oh, no. Oh. NO. OH YES, YES, YESSSSS! I couldn’t believe I could cum again so quickly or so intensely again. I think this time I did pass out. I certainly had no consciousness of what happened in the next little while.

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