Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A New Body for A New World

This is my first ever TG story and I hope you like it...

Welcome to "A New Body for a New World" - the story of Nina, one-time man, now super-rich, super-slut of the future.


  1. Shit thats hott stuff - the first couple of chapters are a bit slow but i guess they set the scene. the rest of it rely turned me on. i want to read more about Nina!

  2. Thanks Ariande, that was terrfic and id love for u to write more! U said in the last chapter that u were working on the next story. If you need someone to proof it for you... ;-0

    And i think ur very sexy!

  3. Thanks my sweets! I'm already well into the next story of Nina and Pix but will probably not get it up until after Christmas. Hope I can't say the same for you! ;-)



  4. Thanky Nice Post Good Blog..