Monday, 1 December 2008

A New Body for A New World - 6) Pix Shows Colin a Good Time

By the time Colin got back to the bed, the icy champagne was filling our glasses and I had just about recovered. Pix stepped off the bed and went to him, her petite frame looking small and vulnerable against him. His hand was spread across her tight little bum as he pulled her to him.

Pix slowly slid down onto her knees, kissing his body as she went, before taking him in her mouth. I could see him rising to the challenge, loving it when she filled her warm mouth with the cold champers.

The sight of her mouth on him looked delicious and I was dying to get his cock in my mouth again too.

Pix led Colin back to the bed and lay him on his back, working his cock until it was hard. I loved looking at her little pussy as she knelt on the bed beside him and loved the sight of him slipping a finger into her wet hole even more.

She turned around on him, pressing her pussy against his face and I saw his tongue eagerly licking her, pressing inside her, flicking against her clit, while she took him in her mouth. I sat on the bed next to them idly playing with my clit.

“Lie on your back” she told me. I did, and now it was my face in her pussy, licking her sweet slit, as she straddled me. Colin came around to kneel behind her and I took his cock in my mouth again before rubbing it up and down her wet slit, spreading her lips with his head, guiding him into her. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of her was wonderful, and her tongue licking my clit was bringing me closer and closer to orgasm but I was determined to hang on.

Her pussy was spread wide by Colin’s cock and her hips were moving faster and faster as I saw the climax building in her, as she thrust herself back against him. Colin was getting close too and me licking his balls as his cock fucked her hard was helping. With a great groan they came together, Colin’s seed filling her, spilling out of her and down onto my tongue, into my mouth.

He pulled out of her and a gush of his cum squeezed out from her pussy, which I swallow eagerly.

My lips were back on her hard clit, nibbling and sucking until she came again, her spasms squeezing more of Colin’s cum out into my mouth. I couldn’t hold on any longer and came yet again. Pix turned around and pressed me hard into the bed, my cum-filled mouth firm against hers.

She sat up and kissed Colin and I saw him lick a little bit of his cum off her chin. I curled up around her, wanting some respite, but Colin had other ideas.

Pix obviously liked seeing Colin’s mouth on my body. Her lips were on my neck and ears while Colin took my nipple in his mouth, gently tweaking it with his lips. The feeling of being the focus of attention of these two stunning people was marvellous. His hand was between my legs, rubbing my clit with his thumb while two fingers spread my pussy, slipping a finger into my wet hole.

I could see Colin’s soft cock between his legs and I wanted it in my mouth again, so I slid down on the bed and, lying on my back I took it in my mouth, sucking on it, feeling it growing hard. I could taste Pix on him from earlier, and I could smell our combined sex.

Ye gods, I was a horny little minx! Obviously a gender change had done nothing to assuage my rampant sex drive. He took his fingers out of my pussy and she sucked on them, tasting me on him.

I took his growing cock back into my mouth but, at this angle, I couldn’t get it down very deep.

His cock was now hard again and he eased his body down over me and slid it into back into my hot, wet pussy. I kissed him as he slowly fucked me, while my fingers explored Pix.

She shifted up on the bed and across me so I could bury my face back between her legs while she kissed Colin. She looked a bit swollen from the fucking but I could see my gentle ministrations were helping her nicely. It felt unbelievably good to be licking her while Colin fucked me, and I could still taste his cum in her from earlier. I loved every second of this.

“Lie on your stomach” Pix told me as Colin pulled out of me.

I knew what she was planning and, though my pussy was still a little sore, I was really looking forward to having it filled by his large cock again. She squirted some oil between my cheeks and, using my fingers, spread my arse. Her hands were replaced by his cock and he slid it back and forth between my cheeks for a while.

I lifted my bum to him and looked over my shoulder to see her fingers around his shaft, pressing the head against my pussy. I was a little loose from earlier and it went into me easier than the dildo did.

I was on my knees now while Colin’s cock filled me, his hands firm on my hips, pulling me to him in tune with his thrusts. I was pushing back against him each time, loving the feeling of being fucked like this.

Christ, I hadn’t been a girl for long and my pussy was already feeling the effects of all this fucking! So far, this had been the most pleasurable, hedonistic day of my life and it wasn’t over yet!

With each stroke, I could feel his balls banging against my clit and, between the feeling of him spreading me wide and his balls against me, I soon felt myself being brought to a climax yet again.

Multiple orgasms were certainly all they were cracked up to be and certainly worth the wait! With a knee-trembling, thigh-jerking, brain-frying deep-seated spasm I came yet again, and collapsed, exhausted, sated on the bed.

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