Monday, 1 December 2008

A New Body for A New World - 5) Well, Fuck me! And He Did!

After a short while, Pix led us into the bedroom and I climbed onto the big bed, Colin stretched out beside me, while Pix poured more champers and put on some music. She found another bottle of vintage Krug from somewhere (how much money DID I have?) Lots at compound interest, squirreled away where the taxman couldn’t find it, had obviously set me up quite nicely, thank you.
I wondered if Aston Martin was still in business. A stunning girl in an Aston Martin Volante, driving the Cote d’Azure? I was sure to get laid! Well, more than I was going to get laid anyway.

Colin was on his back and I kissed him while my hands moved across his body, getting the feel of him. His tongue felt great in my mouth and the slight stubble on his chin brushing against my face, his hands in my wet hair, were turning me on even more. My mouth had now replaced my hands and I kissed his nipples and belly, moving down to take his cock in my mouth. This was my first ever cock and, for all the movies I’d watched of giving head and the eager girls who did,

I was still a little unsure. However, the champers and the sun had removed any lingering inhibitions or uncertainties, and the feel of his stiffening cock in my mouth, the incredible soft, pliable flesh of the head under my tongue, were utter bliss. I’d dreamed about this moment so many times and in so many ways, and here I was, finally, as a beautiful girl giving a gorgeous guy a blow-job. Heaven!

I let out a little moan, as I shifted down on the bed and slowly started licking Colin’s balls and up his shaft. The feel and taste of his hard cock in my mouth was everything I ever dreamed it would be and I ran my tongue around his head, taking it back into my mouth and working it deeper into my throat. All those movies I had watched were paying off as I relaxed my throat and slowly started working on taking his whole length. I gagged for a moment as he’s bigger than I expected but I soon found the rhythm, sliding his whole length in and out of my throat, breathing through my nose so I could pause and lick his balls while his whole length was down my throat.

“Wow, I’m impressed!” said Pix, “And I think Colin’s pretty happy too!

I could see Pix sitting in a chair beside the bed, playing with herself, glass in hand, swaying to the music. I don’t think I could be more turned on right now.

“I want you on your back” he said and I reluctantly rolled off him.

My eyes were closed as I felt his lips on my body again, moving up across my belly, my breasts, to my neck and mouth. I kissed him eagerly as he pressed in between my legs, spreading me. I could feel the tip of his cock against my slit and I was torn between absolute passion and fear of the unknown.
My hands were braced against his strong arms as he held himself above me, my feet over his legs. My body knew what to do and I pressed myself against his cock, feeling his tip spread my lips and gently start to enter me.
He was big and I must admit I was a little scared, but the sheer pleasure of feeling his warm, hard, smooth cock sliding deeper and deeper into me quickly dispelled any doubts.

His cock was spreading me wide as he pushed into me, his slow fucking going deeper each time, my wetness easing him into my tight pussy. I’d never imagined having anything this big and fantastic in me before but I was taking it, feeling him go deeper and deeper into me until I could feel his balls pressing up against arse, my clit pressed hard against him.
I loved the feeling of his big cock in me, fucking me, and I squeezed his shaft with my pussy. He pulled right out, and then drove it back into me, his balls hard against my arse. Out and deep, out and deep, my hips rising to meet him each time, my breath coming harder and faster. My hands grabbed his arse and pulled him into me, hard each time.

I could feel every single centimetre of Colin in me, fucking me more and more. His breathing was getting faster and I knew he was about to cum. I grabbed his firm bum and held on tightly, pressing harder to him, grinding my clit hard against him, feeling my own orgasm building, letting him know where I wanted his cum.
He obliged, his load exploding into my pussy, filling me, spilling out of me to run down between my legs. I knew then how it felt for those women I fucked and I was in absolute heaven, feeling Colin’s cum running down my slit to my arse.

He stayed in me, hard in me, hard against me while he kept fucking me and, against all odds, I came again, my body shuddering against him. If I thought I was spent before, I was doubly so then and I was literally weak at the knees.
Colin pulled out of me slowly and I miss his cock already. The feeling of fullness it gave me, and the feeling of his cum in me, was one of the most sensuous things I’d ever experienced. Colin headed off for the shower and Pix lay down beside me.

“Fuck me! That. Was. Simply AMAZING!!!” I said to her.

“Fuck you? Don’t tell me you’re up for it again” she laughed.

“Not bloody likely! Well, not for ten minutes at least. But I think our friend Colin might be.

“Are you sure you not?” said Pix, as she took my nipple in her teeth. I winced. I smiled. I rolled onto my stomach and stretched luxuriantly.

I felt the cold squirt of oil onto my back and her strong hands worked it into my skin, then she rubbed her breasts across my back and I could feel her hard nipples on me. Her hands moved down across my bum and spread my cheeks, and I opened my legs for her. Suddenly I clenched my cheeks as another squirt of the cold oil hit my arse, but I soon loved the feel of her hands between my cheeks, and raised my hips as she slipped first one finger then another into my pussy.

Her lips were against my ear as she whispered “don’t move a muscle!” I didn’t, other than to stretch out across the bed. Soon she was back, her legs across mine and her fingers in me. I loved the feel of her stretching me and my hips were finding a rhythm, then her hands were on my back pressing me hard into the bed.
I could feel the length of the dildo she was wearing sliding between my cheeks through the oil. It felt big and thick. Maybe too big and thick, but there was not much I could do about it now. She was not letting me go anywhere. I gasped as the large head pressed against my hole and kept on pressing into me. God, that feels big! Not sure I could take this, but my hips rose to meet her length anyway and I took more of it into me. Back and forth, back and forth, a little bit deeper each time before I could feel the whole thing in me, her pubic hair pressing up against my bum. I rose up on my knees as she fucked me harder and harder, my face buried in the pillow.

She pulled out and rolled me over on my back, spreading my legs before entering me again. I got to see her smiling face, to look into her eyes, as she fucked me. My legs were around her back and her mouth was fast on mine as I could feel her sliding in and out of me.
I just loved her fucking me and wanted this to last forever, but I could feel my orgasm building. So could she and she pinned me down, hard, while she fucked me to a climax. She continued to fuck me, slower and slower, while I caught my breath.

Pix wriggled out of the harness and slid her body against mine. I could feel her heart hammering against mine and right now there’s nowhere and no-one else in the world.
I loved the fact we both knew what we wanted, we both loved what we do, and both loved being together. She ran her fingers through my tangled, drying hair and she smiled such a smile that it blocked out the world.

  • Chapter 6 - Pix Shows Colin a Good Time

    1. Wish i could be turned into a beautiful girl then be fucked hard by a handsome hunk of a man.

    2. Wish i had that big cock up me