Monday, 1 December 2008

A New Body for A New World - 7) Dressed to Kill

The sun is low in the sky when I woke up. Pulling on some cute boy-shorts, I stepped out on the veranda to find Colin lying face down on a lounger, the sun through the palms dappling his back.

“Hey sweetness, happy?”

“Mmmm. I love this” he said “but I’m getting hungry. If you want me to fuck you tonight you have to feed the beast. And you and Pix finished the champers.”

“Come on, let’s get dressed and go up to the restaurant. We should get out of this room at least once!”

“OK” said Colin, “I’ll pop back to my room and get changed. One hour?”

“Perfect! Should have figured out how to get a bra on by then!” I laughed. I checked out Colin’s cute bum as he stepped out of the pool to get his clothes from earlier. Mmmm... nice!

I head off to the bathroom to shower. I sat on the loo and let my bladder go. Peeing like this felt really different, and as I wiped myself I thought having to sit down from now on was a small price to pay for the obvious benefits my new body had already shown me.

After poking myself in the eye with the eyeliner for the third time, my frustration got the better of me. “Oh for fuck’s SAKE! Where the fuck is Pix when I need her!”

“Would you like some assistance?” said a soft melodious voice. I jumped, turned around but there was no-one there.

“Hello?” I asked tentatively, “Who said that?”

“That would be me” said the voice, seeming to come from the air in front of me. “I’m your suite AI and my name’s MIRANDA32. Metaphysical Interactive Roomserver AND Assistant for Suite 32”

“Wow! Like a talking computer?”

“A little more than that.” it replied, with distinctly frosty tones. Okaaay, I thought, a talking computer with a chip on its shoulder, and a bit of an attitude.

“And what, pray tell, can Miranda32 do for me?”

“I can ask Pix to come and assist you, if you like, or I can help you interface the room manual, and NuLife Adjustment Guides.”

Thinking of Pix’s sweet lips and great smile I opted for the former and five minutes later she was knocking on my door. She was still wearing the same white top from earlier but had offset it with a black and tan silk sarong, and embroidered silk slippers. As always she looked delicious.

“I’m having dinner with Colin on the terrace tonight, and I what to look drop-dead gorgeous, but this whole make-up thing is driving me to despair. And I have no idea what I should wear. Can you help me?”

“That’s what I here for, sweetie.” she said, and brushed my lips briefly with hers. My mind, and my eyes, immediately went elsewhere. Focus, Nina, you tart, focus, I thought

Pix stepped over to the room console and quickly a holographic image of me, naked, in all my glory appeared in the room.

“Let’s start with the underwear and work our way up from there. What did you have in mind? Here’s the catalogue for your room. It’s pretty extensive so I’ll skip the erotica, bondage and top-end lingerie for now and we’ll focus on the basics. Garters etcetera you can leave for another day.”

She touched the air next to my image and a drop-down of underwear choices appeared. Working with her I chose a lace bra in flesh-tones and a thong. Pix hit OK and they appeared on my holo. Not quite what I had in mind.

A few more selections and I was looking at myself wearing a simple white bra with matching French knickers. My cute bum and slim legs set them off nicely and, while I didn’t need the bra with the perfect little tits I’d been given, it did work really well with the knickers. Nice!

“Now, let’s choose an outfit, and then I’ll help you choose makeup to go with it. What were you thinking of?”

“I’d love to go with something simple yet elegant. It’s pretty warm today, what’s it going to be like this evening?”

“Probably about...” started Pix before she was cut off by Miranda32.

“This evening will be 26 degrees, with 83% humidity and a 3km South-south-westerly breeze” it interjected. Pix looked at me, smiled, arched an eyebrow, and mouthed She can be SUCH a bitch! at me. I stifled a laugh.

I started with a cute LBD which showed off my legs and arms nicely, then a two-piece with a chocolate-coloured skirt and linen top, draping each of these over the holo in turn. I ended up with an ankle-length off-the-shoulder linen dress, a shawl and some flat sandals to go with it. It felt great to pull these soft silk kickers up over my bum and, with Pix’s guidance, my cute pert tits into the bra.

Pix helped me get the hang of my makeup: after applying it for me once, she got me to do it thrice more until I was confident. I tied my hair back with a ribbon, letting a few strands fall loose to frame my beautiful face. I wriggled into the dress, finished off with a couple of well-placed dabs of Chanel No. 5 and I was ready.

15 minutes late, fashionably late. Well, if I was going to be a girl from now on the least I could do was live up to the reputation. Besides, as I checked myself out in the mirror, I doubted Colin would be complaining too much. Pix kissed me on the cheek so as not to smear my lipstick and gave my bum a quick squeeze. “Have fun!” she said. I don’t think that was much in doubt. Here I was, flying solo, out on my first date as a woman. God, I hope I do OK!

I felt a little nervous as I stepped out into the warm evening and Miranda32 closed the door behind me.

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