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A New Body for A New World - 8) Doing Double Duty

Our table on the terrace overlooked the trees, gardens, beach and the ocean. Quite idyllic. The sun plunged into the ocean as we finished our martinis, and the olives did nothing to temper my growing hunger.

We ordered food and a great, old bottle of Gevrey Chambertin and fell into easy conversation, my bare feet rubbing against his leg under the table.

Appetizers came and went, as did our mains and the wine. We were just starting in on desserts and liqueurs when he said “I know that guy over there. His name’s Danny and he was Resurrected about a year ago, then moved on. Wonder what he’s doing back here? DAN!”

I turned to see somebody with their back to me, leaning on the bar and swirling wine in a large glass. He turned and looked around for a moment, saw Colin and, with a huge grin on his face came over, bottle in hand.

“Hi Colin, what are you doing here?”

“Me? Two weeks of hedonistic bliss” he said, smiling at me. “Nina, may I please introduce the inestimable Danny” He was cute!

I just smiled and stood up as Colin kissed me on the cheek. I noticed his eyes briefly take in my body. “Come on, join us. And what about you?”

”I’ve just finished an amazing trip and thought I would stop by the old town for a couple of days” Dan said “but I wanted to stay here where it’s a bit quieter and the girls are cuter, though there’s been a mix-up and they won’t have my room until tomorrow. The manager’s trying to find an alternative for me now. ”

“I’ve got plenty of space in my cabana” Colin said “Stay with me!”

“Great!” he said “But am I going to have to listen to you two fucking like rabbits all night long?” I blushed for an instant as Colin and Danny both laughed, then I caught Colin’s eye as he raised an eyebrow. I knew what he was thinking and could feel myself getting wet as I thought about it too. “If you’re sure I’ll go and tell the manager” Danny said and headed off.

“What are you planning, you cheeky bugger?” I asked

“Oh, you’ll see. I have in mind seeing you get fucked by more than me and Pix tonight” Which just proved that he was a cheeky bugger, but I had a feeling it was me who was about to be buggered. I squirmed just thinking about getting these two gorgeous guys in my bed.

We helped Danny finish his Barolo and chatted easily for a while before all heading off towards Colin’s cabana, taking the long way around through the gardens and along the beach.

The surf was rolling onto the beach and I played dodging the waves, not always successfully, and the hem of my dress was wet to the knee by the time we get back.

Colin and Danny headed out onto the veranda while I stripped off my wet dress and my underwear, and then pulled on a robe. I left the French doors to the room slightly ajar and caught Danny checking out my naked body out through the crack. Oh yes, thinks me. Oh yes indeed.

We sat out on the veranda, chatting, drinking the wine Colin brought back and listening to music for a while then I suddenly stood, slipped off my robe and dove into the pool, my naked form cutting into the water. “Come on boys!” I said “it’s not polite to keep a lady waiting!”
Colin and Danny looked at each other for a moment then stripped off and dove in too. They were leaning back against the side when I surfaced, my naked body sandwiched between them.

I kissed Colin, hard, pressing him back against the side, and then I did the same to Danny. His hands on my back and bum, and the sight of him kissing me passionately, were really turning Colin on.

“You know, you can do more than just listen to us fuck” Colin said to Danny, and there was that cheeky grin on his face again. I kissed Danny again, and felt his hand inside my thighs. I couldn’t see Danny’s other hand but I was pretty sure I knew where it was, judging from the happy look on Colin’s face. My fantasy of this night had just been ramped up a notch, and was now becoming reality.

I climbed out of the pool, dried myself off and, without a word, headed for the bedroom. Colin and Danny quickly climbed out and dried themselves off too.
Danny was checking out Colin’s already hard cock and tight ass as he followed him into the bedroom. I was lying there on the bed and they came to lie down beside me. I kissed Danny then turned and kissed Colin again, taking a cock in each hand.

“This is the first time I’ve done this” I said “and could use a little guidance. ”
Colin and Danny both rolled onto their backs, their hard cocks sticking up. God, I was getting wet.

“I’m sure you can figure it out” said Colin. I would give it a try!

I took Colin’s stiff cock into my mouth, loving the taste of him, loving the feel of his head on my tongue. Then the same for Danny, pulling his foreskin back gently and running my tongue around his head and my teeth along his shaft.
I took him back into my mouth and, relaxing my throat, deep, deep down, my tongue licking his balls as his long shaft was all the way down my throat.
I paused, breathing through my nose the way Pix had taught me. God I LOVED giving head! Back to Colin; back to Danny.

“And just what do you two have in mind?” I asked, knowing the answer. “This is the first time I’ve been with two guys and so far I’m loving every second”

“Anything that’s out of bounds?” Danny asked

“Not so far” I replied, looking at his large cock. “I’ll try anything once and twice if I like it. Two cocks and lots of places to put them!” I put my hands to my mouth, shocked at how brazen that sounded coming from a girl.

I went back to sucking Danny’s gorgeous cock greedily, almost fervently, taking it down my throat, pulling out and nibbling his hard shaft as my hands rubbed across his body. I couldn’t help but moan at the sheer pleasure of sucking cock.
Colin came around behind me and grabbed my hips, hard. I felt his cock rubbing up and down between my cheeks and I raised my bum to him, pushing back hard as he entered me, driving him deep into my pussy. A large cock in my pussy and another down my throat.
What more could a girl want. God, I was such a slut and loving every single moment of it. Colin fucked me harder and harder until I came, ramming my wet pussy against his hard cock, my swollen clit pressing hard against him. This orgasm was stupendous and, had I been in control I would have stopped, but I belonged to these two gorgeous men right now and Colin had no intention of stopping.

Now I was face down into the bed, held there by strong hands. My legs were spread by Colin and his hands spread my cheeks, his tongue on my arse, probing into me.

Danny drizzled oil between my cheeks and onto Colin’s cock, rubbing it along the shaft with his hands. Danny then pressed his oily thumb into my ass, working it around, stretching me, before slipping first one, then two fingers into me, stretching me further, working my arsehole, and loosening me.
I knew then what Colin had in mind and was a little scared, before I relaxed and gave myself to the moment.

Danny had Colin’s cock in his mouth, his saliva making it wetter, running down its length. I lifted my bum to Colin and he guided his cock between my cheeks.
He slid it back and forth, my bum rising to meet each long stroke. He took the shaft and pressed the head against my arse, and gently slipped the head into me. I gasped a little but lifted my arse higher to him, taking more of it, pushing past the painful point. There must have been half of it in me now and I was showing every sign that I wanted it all.
Danny moved up on the bed and lay in front of me, his legs spread. I took his cock in my mouth, working along its length with my teeth, licking his balls then back up to take it back into my mouth and down my throat again.

I looked up at Danny and his eyes were closed, with this beatific smile on his face. It seemed that I knew what I was doing when it came to giving head. Colin’s hands gripped my hips hard as he arse-fucked me, sliding that length in and out in deep, powerful strokes.

My mouth on Danny’s cock felt fabulous, and I loved feeling his length disappearing repeatedly into my mouth, down my throat. It really didn’t get much better.
God, Colin’s cock in my arse felt better than I expected. I loved this: my head bobbing up and down as I sucked Danny’s cock. We were all in ecstasy and fucked like this for what seems like ages. Then Colin pulled out of me, and I immediately missed the feeling of being filled like that.
But my boys had other ideas.
Danny slid down on the bed, and I straddled him, slipping his large cock into my pussy, riding up and down his long shaft, almost out of me then as far into me as I could get it. I was really getting used to this being-fucked thing.

Now I could feel Colin’s head pressing against my arse again. I stopped riding Danny as Colin slid his length back into my tight arse. I could feel Colin’s cock sliding in and out of me and Danny’s hard cock through the wall of my arse and it was really turning me on.
I was breathing hard now as together they fucked me, Colin’s balls now rubbing against Danny’s shaft as he drove in and out of my arse. I ground my clit against Danny’s pubic bone, breathing harder and faster until, the sensation of two hard cocks in me, the feeling of being filled by these two amazing cocks was just too, too much and I came almost immediately.

Colin loved fucking my tight arse and I could sense he was about to cum. “In me, please!” I begged “Cum in my arse, fill my arse! Oh, God, fill my little body!” With a great groan Colin’s balls exploded his load into my arse, his cum and the oil making a delicious, slippery sensation in me. I could feel Danny starting to come too but I wanted his cum somewhere else. I wriggled my firm, little body off these two guys and took Danny back deep down my throat, up and down, sucking and slurping his hard cock, tasting my pussy juices on his cock until he came, shooting his load into my mouth, down my throat. I greedily slurped down every last delicious drop.
We were all exhausted and Danny and Colin flopped on the bed together while I went to get showered. By the time I got back to the bed, they were both asleep and I blew out the candles, slid in between them and slept between my two lovers.
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