Monday, 1 December 2008

A New Body for A New World - 9) Breakfast of Champions

The next morning my arse and pussy felt a little sore. Hmm, guess maybe I’d been overdoing it a bit. I had been a girl for less than a day and already I’d lost track of how many times I’d been fucked.
The boys were nowhere to be seen but, as I could hear the shower running, I slid out of the bed and padded naked across the bathroom.
Danny was standing in the dressing room, drying his hair, wearing a pair of cotton trousers which set off his great buns fabulously. I could see Colin’s solid frame silhouetted in the shower, and was pretty quickly trying to justify that maybe I wasn’t that sore after all. Hell, who was I kidding? But there was one orifice that I could still use. I licked my lips in anticipation.

By the time Colin stepped out of the shower, I was on my knees, Danny’s cock was all the way back down my throat again. Shit, I never knew how much I would love giving head and how turned on it would make me.
I was so into licking Danny’s balls and shaft, taking his head into my mouth, sucking his great cock that I didn’t notice Colin had joined us. Not until he took my hand and pressed it against his hardening cock. I gave him some of the attention he so obviously deserved, then back to Danny.
Kneeling on the carpet like this, sucking off these two guys, was making me hugely wet and I started paying with myself. I was alternating between them, my hands cupping Danny’s balls and squeezing gently, and then it was all about Danny.
He put his hands behind my head and started fucking my mouth.

For a moment I resisted, afraid I would choke as his big cock drove down my throat, but I relaxed the same way I had before and gave myself to him. I could feel his orgasm building and, not wanting to waste a single drop, pulled back to take it in my mouth.
His hot, salty cum just kept on coming and, even after swallowing the first mouthful, there was enough to fill my mouth again. I held him in my mouth for a moment, running my hand repeatedly up his shaft to squeeze out every delicious drop, before pulling back, savouring the taste and feeling of his cum in my mouth.
I swallowed this load and licked my lips before replacing Danny’s cock with Colin’s.

I grabbed Colin’s bum with both hands and looked up to meet his eyes as I blew him. The soft, smooth head of his cock slipped easily around in my mouth and I loved licking the whole length of his shaft before running my tongue around the sensitive rim of his head.
Our eyes were still locked together as my head bobbed back and forth, taking him further and further down my throat. His balls felt great in my hands and, after slipping his cock out of my mouth so I could get it wet, I stuck a finger up his arse, tickling his prostate.
This was just too much for my beautiful boy and soon his cum was gushing into my mouth too, some of it spilling out to dribble down his shaft. I swallowed what I had then set to work licking him clean, making sure I got every last drop.

Utterly, truly fabulous and I left there a very, very happy girl, with the taste of their cum still in my mouth. Guess I could skip breakfast! Mmm, that was a meal I could easily get used to.
God, I was already thinking about turning back and going back for seconds! Wonder if there’s anyone else up at this time I could blow, but a few agrobots trimming the gardens and silently mowing the lawns, and a self-propelled room service trolley trundling by, were the only movement to be seen.
Oh well, maybe later. Maybe? Definitely! I would call Pix later and see who she could arrange for me to feed my addiction. Yum!

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