Monday, 1 December 2008

A New Body for A New World - 2) In Which Our Heroine Finds Her New Place in Life

I slowly came to consciousness, suffused with a warm glow that pulsed from the crown of my head to my toes. I stretched, feeling alive and free of the aches and pains that had troubled me the night before. The night before? Something was different. I felt cool, crisp linen beneath my palms and the soles of my feet, and clean fragrant woodland scents filled my head. I ran my hands across my belly, feeling soft downy hair and sensitive skin.
My hands moved up across my smooth, hairless ribcage and across my small tits, brushing my nipples, sending frissons of excitement through my body. My hands lingered on my breasts, feeling the soft smooth curve of wonderfully firm yet supple flesh.
With the fingers of my left hand I tweaked my nipples, making them respond by standing up: hard little nubs of oh, so sensitive flesh. All the while my right hand moved up, fingertips brushing my full lips, across my smooth face and into my thick, luscious hair. Um, this is not quite what I remember...

With my left still arousing my nipples, my right now moved down, back across my belly, feeling a tiny patch of downy hair. Of their own accord, my legs opened slightly, ready for my exploring fingers. They opened further and my fingers brushed past where my penis should be, felt that little cloven gulf and slipped into my already moist slit, spreading the lips, popping into my wet hole, before moving back up to brush against my clit.
My body shivered with sheer delight and a quiet moan escaped from my lips. God, this was going to be good.

“Good morning, sweetness, that’s enough for now” said a woman’s voice, quietly near my ear. I felt her warm, sweet breath on my ear, sat up with a start, and opened my eyes.

I was in an enormous room, with sunlight streaming through the windows onto the gorgeous fabrics, furniture and works of art. It looked startling like the Presidential Suite I remembered staying in at the George V in Paris that summer all those years ago. Tall, elegant sash windows with mid-morning sun slanting through onto the lush carpet. With senses working better than they had since I was a teen (hell, better than they ever had), I smelt coffee, croissants, and wealth.
Next to me by the bed knelt the most amazing woman: petite, almost elfin, with bright eyes and a mischievous grin. She wore a simple white linen top through which I could see the outline of her naked body revealed by the sun.
The only hair on her body was a brief smear between her legs and on her head, red, full and thick, cut short. She smelled delicious.
Although I had no idea who she was or where I was, I couldn’t help return her smile. She giggled, which made me smile more. She slid onto the bed next to me, brushing my thigh as she did so and sending another shiver through my body.

“I had to stop you. “She said. “Company policy. Sorry. All new arrivals need a while to adjust to their bodies, and there’s a few legal formalities we need to complete. Can’t go letting you have an orgasm straight off the bat, losing all perspective and slipping Out. Apparently there were a few problems early on, something to do with not being grounded in your body properly yet, and a risk of that first orgasm being your last, at least before the genetechs could reintegrate. And they really don’t like having to do that again. And I’m pretty positive that’s not your plan. ” She smiled again and took my hand.

“Come on, slowly now. ” She helped me off the bed. She was right: I did feel a little disconnected, like nothing was where it should be. I reached for the back of a chair and missed, my arms being considerably shorter than I remembered as a 6’ 3’’ tall man. Being 5 or 6 inches shorter would take some getting used to.

“First, do you know who you are?”

“Yes, I replied, hearing my voice for the first time. My hands flew to my mouth. My voice was silky and quite deep, the words well-formed and clear, with a hint of an English accent. I remember a New Zealand newscaster when I was still quite young, Lucy Hockings I think her name was, with a captivatingly luscious, deep voice. I sounded like her sister. Sultry and perfect for seduction. “James. My name’s. . . James?”

“James was right, but I don’t think that’s quite appropriate anymore, do you?” she said. “Now’s your chance for something new. ”

“Nina. For now, call me Nina. After Ms Simone. ”

“Wonderful, Nina” she said, and beamed the most amazing smile. The room, already lit with sunlight, became just a little brighter.
“Secondly, and most importantly, do you know where you are?”

“In a NuLife post-Resurrection recovery suite.” I said, without hesitation, while thinking “either that or I’m dead and in heaven. Same diff. ” I smiled too.

Her name was Paola, “but everyone calls me Pix, coz they think I look like a pixie. ” “But you do!” I said, and smiled.
Shit, enough about turning me on, I think I was turning HER on! I smiled more deeply, naughty thoughts racing through my head. Oh, I was going to have FUN!

Pix lead me around the room, my balance and coordination increasing with every step, until I felt nimble and quick. With only the slightest effort, I leaped like a dancer, landed gracefully, turned and found myself before a large mirror.

“Lastly, do you accept the body into which you have been Resurrected? It comes with a full six-month guarantee and at any time within this period you may apply for alterations, up to and including a full replacement body of your choice from our Premier catalogue. It turns out your theories on Zero Point Energy were right, you're now a Nobel Laureate, some investments you made before you died were extremely successful and, unlike many others whose money wasted away or were dispered while they were dead, you are actually phenomenally wealthy. This suite can be your home for the next six months too. Hell, you could buy the hotel!”
I looked at myself in the mirror and, quite frankly, if I was still a man, I’d give myself a hard-on. I turned one way and the other and grabbed my beautiful, pert arse; raised my arms above my head and looked at how my sweet little breasts rested on my chest.
My neck was long, and my face absolutely stunning. I could see Embeth and Ms Beart in my features and smiled. Pretty woman? You bet! I was fucking stunning!
The woman looking back at me was the most wondrous creature I had ever seen, incorporating all the attributes I had always admired in women. And she was me. Such a rush of pleasure and completeness flooded my body that I nearly fell as tears started to roll down my cheeks.
All those years of looking a women, watching them walk, looking at their legs as they drove, watching movies and imagining what it was liked to be so fully desired, watching naked women caress themselves, taking cocks in their mouths, lying back with legs spread as a gorgeous guy slid deep inside them, on their knees with a hard cock in their arse.
All those years of feeling like no one could ever understand that I didn’t do those things because I wanted to fuck those women, I did them because I wanted to BE those women, sucking cocks, being fucked, having hot, sticky cum fill my pussy, my arse. All those years of wanting finally fulfilled.

“Unequivocally, absolutely, completely, YES!” I beamed!

“Come on and I’ll show you around” said Pix. “This is your room for the next six months, and you’ve got this bedroom, a spare bedroom, three bathrooms, a gym, media room and lounge. That door there” and she gestured at a solid door, easily ten feet tall and six wide, “connects you to the central area. There are five other women here and six men, all of whom are new to this, all of whom chose the opposite gender for their NuLife, and have arrived or will arrive in the next few hours.
You’ll have plenty of time to meet them later. There’s also the hotel we’re attached to and you have free rein of all their facilities. But now, let me show you your room, closets and how everything works, and most importantly, how to be a woman. How are you feeling?”

How was I feeling? Like I had been a VERY good boy and died and gone to heaven. Pix showed me around the apartment and into the main bathroom.

“Most people want to take a quick shower at this point” said Pix. “I think it helps with the grounding”

“Good idea” I said, thinking that a shower would also help clear my spinning head.

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    1. The way she feels about always wanting to have been born a woman,is exactly how i feel.You are a brilliant writer,well done. Iwish i was a woman like you,you are so lucky to have born female,and beautiful.