Monday, 1 December 2008

A New Body for A New World - 13) Ciao, Bella!

One month later, the day after Pix had propositioned me in a wholly unexpected way, I stood with my back to my closed and locked veranda door and said goodbye to my new home.

My luggage followed me up to the pad next to reception where Pix was waiting, her own bags already in the back of my sleek, black, Bentley Mustique aerocar. I kissed her, slid into the soft, cool interior, and the door sealed behind me with an solid thump.

The aerocar lifted, its ZPE/AG turbines pushing us back into our seats as it rapidly pulled us up and away from the hotel. I held Pix's hand and looked out the window as we banked twice over the grounds, then shot out across the sea. I did not know it then, but Pix and I weren’t going to set eyes on this idyllic place for three months.

Where did we go? Ah, now that’s another story.

What to hear more of Nina's sexual adventures? Let me know!
I'm already writing the next tale "Nina and Pix's Excellent Adventure", so stay tuned!


  1. Excellent story very erotic and fun - please write more.

  2. You maybe should put this out as a download!!!

  3. Love the series, and look forward to more.

  4. Loved the series - Would love to read more. :)

  5. Really, a very good concept,the idea of the particular,& specific type of gene cloning! Hum ! If only that WERE possible??? But as for the story line, and some errors in grammar,also the"" picture story line",not being congruent, it was good, but read kinda like, some of the old paperback fuck books, reminiscent of the 70'That being said; I did however, enjoy the story!!!